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  1. If you digitally purchased Diablo 3, aren't you supposed to be able to install it by now? (Not able to play till 12am though) Launch Day Preparation Guide - Diablo III " We will be unlocking the game's installer at 8:01 a.m. PDT on May 14. This will allow you to begin installing the game, troubleshoot any issues you run into, download and install the launch day 1.0.1 patch, and be ready to play as soon as the servers come online. "
  2. I just ordered my 3770k via newegg. Very excited.
  3. So exactly what date will ivy bridge be released to the public (newegg/amazon etc) ?
  4. Corsair 550d and the corsair gaming case overviews or review. How the gpu boost works on nvidia cards. Open beta for diablo 3 for this weekend playing with your awesome d3 gear. Your current build. Community Q and A or something. Imo, things that would get the community very active on the forums and on youtube. Bad habits or tips and tricks for building pcs and maintaing pcs. Things that people who arent that familiar with pcs would find easy to understand.
  5. Do you think the cpu gen after ivy bridge will be a worthy upgrade? and will it be for the z77 chipset? because I don't feel like going with sandy bridge cpu when I have a z77 motherboard. It really seems like ivy bridge is getting rather alot of negativity with the rumors and it's just my luck of purchasing a pc at this time lol.
  6. Obtaining a max keyboard would be pretty stellar. I could sell the max keyboard or my current keyboard to a friend to have money for my upcoming ivy bridge build and or diablo 3. So come on, random.org. help a /b/rother out.
  7. Definitely upgrade to an i7 if you have the money. If you were to purchase the ssd and then upgrade the i5 to i7 in the future, it will be more expensive than having the i7 now and getting an ssd in the future depending on how much storage is in the ssd. 120gb is a good size for a boot drive and you would have more than half of the ssd to your use because of the os
  8. Just seeing if I can save the money that goes into the shipping fees. 2 orders = almost 20 dollars. I'm only in highschool and I don't even have a job. Plus I need to save for diablo 3 heh heh.
  9. Do you think the cpu's or even motherboards will be sold out the first day it is launched? Because I'm planning on buying it on launch day and I'm afraid of it being sold out. Also I was planning on getting a motherboard tomorrow since it's launching that day. Would it be worth it if I bought the motherboard now, then the processor on launch day with the rest of my build? I'm ordering off newegg btw.
  10. The new ivy bridge processors are meant to be a replacement for sandy bridge so they hopefully should be the same price or just a tad more expensive. Even though its a replacement, you do get a reasonable increase in preformance, lower power usage, intel hd 4000 and some other good stuff.
  11. If youre planning on getting intel, wait for ivy bridge. Its coming out in a month or so. I5 for purely gaming, i7 for multitasking and applications that require hyper threading. For a videocard, you could wait for the new nvidia cards which come out in about two months i hope.otherwise since yiu have a budget of 2000 you could go for a 7950 by amd. Sorry its kind of short, im on an adroid right now. Most of the games coming out this year wont be that graphically intense but they will be very good. Csgo, diablo 3, wow expansion etc. Ill follow up when i get home though.
  12. Yep, as am I. As a matter of fact, I just placed my order for the leopold cherry mx reds. It should come 2-7 days so I'll have my review up on this thread or another one. Thanks for le feed back y'all.
  13. Hmm. I checked the elitekeyboard website and they're sold out of browns. I thought about going for blue, but then Sam mentioned that they have the same actuation force and since I would be playing games that require fast reactions (also forgot to mention that I'm kinda interested to start playing SC2) , I'm starting to think I should go with reds. The Mx reds are also 10 dollars cheaper than the blues surprisingly. Although, I have tried out a Black Widow at bestbuy with cherry mx blues and I have to say that the keys felt nice, but with them having less distance to push down would fit me more. I'm also up for taking the challenge to not rest my fingers on the keyboard too much and try something new haha. Plus I could always use a wrist rest or something.
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this question. What's the order of cherry mx keys? From hardest to softest? Because I want something closest to the reds but not incredibly easy or accidental to press a key as you guys said. Also something that would fit playing counter strike/diablo 3 and everyday typing. I type fast, most of the times carelessly and sometimes apply more pressure to they keys than normal.
  15. Alright. I think I've moved my judgement onto a cherry mx blue keyboard. Although, my mind still urges me to go with the leopold otaku non printed. It just seems like it would go more with my future setup (corsair carbide 300r). Thanks for the feedback though. I'll most likely post a review on the forum about the keyboard along with my plans for an ivy bridge build in the future. An i5 ivy bridge with a h60 and hopefully a 7870 or whatever is equivalent with nvidia because the "overclock" without manually overclocking thing seems rather neat. But sadly, I won't be getting a videocard when I get the rest of my parts due to my shortage of money, but theres the intel 4000 graphics which are good enough for cs:go. Also, of course the corsair vengeance low profile ram, since Sam really likes it (don't get me wrong, I also really like them, especially in white). But thanks again guys, I'll post again whenever I have something in mind and especially with my build. -Chris. (If you have cs:go beta or 1.6, add me on steam - CampusMinistry and we can hopefully play sometime.)