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  1. I'm going with B but I'm going to wait a bit till the 240gb SSD's come down in price
  2. So I got everything put together, loaded my OS, installed my drivers and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am considering changing it up a tad. A) 120gb for OS caching, 60gb caching + 1TB storage 2 x 120gb SSD RAID 0 + 1tb storage C) Keep current setup = 120gb SSD + craptastic mechanical drive as storage. D) 120gb SSD + 1tb storage in RAID using SRT I am mainly a gamer. I play Everquest & BF3. Usually when I am done with any other type of game, I'll remove it. I would just like to maximize performance wherever I can. Any suggestions would be great.
  3. oh also - that ASRock board I linked only has 2 SATA 6gb/s connectors (which would suck up both my SSD's). Think I should blow extra money on a SATA III 6gb/s HDD? Probably doesn't matter if I plug that in to the 3gb/s connector, since it will be just for storage.
  4. Ok thanks Technous, I'll take a look. ( better choice?) @Sam - i actually already have the GTX 570 in my current computer. Just going to pull that out and put in the new one (like 1 month old).
  5. Also: cASE: Corsair 600t CPU Cooler : Corsair H80
  6. Any change advice would be appreciated. I think it looks pretty solid, but outside eyes are always nice to have. MOBO: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 CPU: i7 2600k (I do use photoshop) RAM: 16gb Corsair Vengence DDR3 1600 (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9) - got this for free PSU: Corsair HX850W OR Cooler Master RS850-AMBAJ3-US SSD: RAID 0 - Corsair CSSD-F120GB3A-BK Force Series 3 120gb x 2 (for windows, PS, and 2-3 games) HDD: Seagate ST1000DM003 Barracuda 1TB Hard Drive - 1TB, 7200RPM, 64MB, SATA 6Gb/s (prob overkill for me since I store photos/music/video elsewhere) GPU: Nvidia GTX 570 Thanks in advance.