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  1. I bought this mouse for Guild Wars 2, and currently using it in League of Legends and Blacklight Retribution. Max DPI is 8200, I settle for around 6-7.5k just to replicate the sensitivity of my old imperator. My current challenge is to get use to the grip change from the imperator. I also bought a few others parts (Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid Mech keyboard (Blue mx) and a steelseries 4hd to go with the mouse. Very nice combo, and I'm happy with the purchase. If my hands don't get use to the mouse however, I will be returning it.
  2. I went to bestbuy last night and got myself a very nice G600. Aside from getting use to it (Came from a razer imperator), it is a great mouse. The third mouse button the right side throws off my brain, and my fingers are a bit tired/sore from the vastly different "grip" I am using. I bought a Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid /w Blue Switches, a Steelseries 4HD mouse pad, and the G600 for Guild Wars 2. Super excited about the game, except for one problem... I've been playing some FPS's and League of Legends. (Blacklight Retribution) My mouse seems to jump to the top or bottom of the screen at random intervals. Not sure what could be causing it. My mousepad is a steelseries 4HD (As I said above).