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  1. It will be my first too! Hopefully more people will jump on this soon :]
  2. Yeah that's the same screw as the ones provided with the fans. I somehow screwed in the screw at an angle so I guess it got stuck. I can't seem to get it out... Thanks for the info and advice! I have another quick question. I bought several Silverstone FF121 fan filters and I'm wondering which side of the fan it should go on. Would this be okay? Case|Fan|Filter or should it be Case|Filter|Fan (for intake fans)
  3. I finished building my first desktop a couple weeks ago so I still am every new to this... Anyway I ordered additional fans to install into my NZXT 410 Phantom. The problem is that although the fans came with screws, the fans weren't threaded. Apparently this is the standard and I'm supposed to screw in the screws to create threads. I tried doing it with a screw driver but the screw ended up getting stuck and I think I was beginning to strip the screw... (not sure if I had the right screwdriver head lol) What's everyone's experience with case fan installation? I'm thinking that maybe I should use a power drill... Also I'm adding two 120mm CM sickeflow fans, a 120mm NZXT fan, and a 140mm NZXT fan if that's relevant. Thanks!
  4. Is there going to be a group buy #6? I'm really interested in a Nighthawk X8 :]