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  1. Hmm, I guess I didn't see the (Your own please!) :( I'll be sure to take my own then for future reviews. For the Kana the buttons are pretty stiff, and there's lots of space for your thumb to rest, so it doesn't touch the button :P
  2. Well, you can get a "taste" of my English and grammar from my review. :P But yeah, it's good that the articles go for review before being posted. And yay! Thanks for approving it.
  3. Well I'm personally interested in this, but sadly I'm only 14, though I think I meet the other requirements, and I do think I have good English. :P But I'm at the other side of the world with a different timezone (Malaysia, Asia), and I think they would not be comfortable with me posting articles when they're sleeping LOL! But to the Admins/Mods of this forum you guys can check out my article review of the Steelseries Kana I posted at the Reviews section, but it's currently under moderation by a Moderator so a Moderator will have to approve it.
  4. I saw this review section, and decided to give my go into reviewing my Steelseries Kana ;) It's my first time, so correct some of my mistakes. I also did this out of boredom, but it was nice to write this :P I also might review my Microsoft Life Chat LX-3000 headphone next, but that is if you guys would want my review on it. (Most pics taken from the Steelseries website) The Steelseries Kana is a mid range gaming mice by Steelseries. It is somewhat better than the Kinzu, but not much of a Sensei. It's a budget gaming mice, with 2 color choices, black, and white. The black version of the mice was the "winning design" of Steelseries' "Designed by Gamers" campaign, where around 60,000 votes named it the winning design. The one I have is the black one, which comes with a decent matte finish. (Image above taken from Hardware Heaven) So inside the box, there isn't really much of a big deal, it's just the mice, and a Steelseries Kana manual. The Kana can reach up to 3600 "frames per second", and its' maximum acceleration goes up to 30 G, imagine how freaking fast that is! The mice contains 2 "XL" sized side buttons, one on the left, and one on the right. Unlike some other mice that have 2 buttons on one side, the Kana has 1 button on each side, to be able to press it easily for macro purposes. By default, the 2 buttons would function as "back" and "forward" buttons for web-browsing purposes. Personally for me, if I'm trying to press the right button which functions as a forward button on your web browser, it get's really uncomfortable and is a bit hard to press with my ring finger. Beneath the mice lies 3 plastic material mice feet. The Kana also lit up scroll wheel, which you can turn on or off, low, medium, or high through the Steelseries engine. It can be used to indicate your CPI settings. There are a total of six buttons on the mice, the left and right click buttons, the scroll wheel button (AKA middle mouse button), the CPI toggle button, and the left and right side buttons. The Kana uses an optical sensor, instead of a laser sensor, which is also what makes it a budget gaming mice. What I like about the Kana's design is that it is friendly to both right handers and left handers, so if you're a left hander, you don't have to worry! The Kana will fit perfectly in your hands and you can switch from Right-Handed mode to Left-Handed mode through the Steelseries engine. The Kana uses a double braided cord, so it is tangle-free and more durable. Unlike other mice, the ruberry cord isn't really good, and can get spoilt a bit easier than a double braided cord. Even though the Kana is more of a mice that is "in the middle", it is really worth it's price and if you're looking to get a decent sized mice that is better than a Kinzu, and have an average budget, the Kana is the perfect mice for you.
  5. Hmm, but to be a writer you'll have to have the product that you'll be reviewing right?
  6. I use Fraps for in game recording. Though the file size is always huge, it's the best one out there. Camtasia is more for screen casts/screen recording, it record your desktop instead of games. Both of them are the best for their two different categories.
  7. Umm, is the case interfering with the reset button or something?
  8. Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum, I love tech, both hardware and software wise. I'm very much in love with hardware and computer accessories! I hope I'll enjoy my stay here at the CPCR forum, and I think I will since this whole forum is about tech! :) I'm 14 by the way.