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  1. Hi guys, I turned on my PC this morning and found this problem.. When booting it said "preparing desktop" - I knew something was wrong when i saw this Wallpaper was returned to the factory basic All saved preferences such as layouts, login detailed which are saved on games + websites, mouse setting etc etc. It only deleted files that were on my 119GB SSD (my OS is on this) Its very strange because It deleted all of my pictures + music files on the SSD wh but all of my games and programs remain, such as League of Legends, Skype, Razer Synapes, Geforce experience, Origin, battle net, steam etc etc.. Everything on my 465GB SSD remain and are file. Every time i turn my PC off and on it forgets my wallpaper + desktop settings, font size, etc etc. I have tried a system restore but it doesn't work. It just restores it to the same point which i found it in (i have tried restoring it to numerous points in the past where i have had no problems. If you guys could give any information on how to fix this, i'll be very grateful. EDIT: I managed to get a system restore to work. However, after I though everything was okay, after about an hour everything on my 465GB SSD (where i keep 90% of my games) got deleted, how can i get those files back without spending hundreds of hours re downloading? I have scanned my PC with AVG and it is saying there are no threats found. What is deleting my files and what is doing this to my PC? Many thanks, Dan.
  2. An i7 wont help performance when gaming infact it may jsut slow u down. Look for overclockable i5 chips around the similar price range and you'll see there is better price:performance when compared to i7 chips. I'm not sure your ram will fit next to ur cpu cooler. try looking for some low profile ram, kingston + corsair have been good to me. If you're anything like me you'll fill 500gb of memory pretty fast, like 5 games, a few movies and a couple hundred songs will start hitting ur performance kinda soon. I'd suggest getting an additional cheaper hdd, u cant go wrong with anything from western digital. You don't need 1050W psu, look for something around 650-750w from corsair u'll save a lot of money. With any money u've saved following the above, u can change out ur gpu for something around the same benchmark or higher but nvidia, i highly advise going with nvidia as a first time builder, so straight forward and great.
  3. I view this board a lot, i should post more.
  4. Okay thanks, Whats your view on my other parts such as mobo etc? Could i stick a new gpu + gpu in this thing and see great performance?
  5. Titan fall beta, bf4 both stuttering around 60fps with random dips when there is a lot of action, I mean, im not getting terrible frame rates im just not getting what i would want.
  6. Hi guys, Back in 2012 i put together my first computer, it was for gaming, my budget was around £1200 which was around $2000 back then. The reason i want to upgrade/rebuild is i am getting bad frame rates and thats kinda sad, even dayz lags on low settings.. I don't know if i should completely rebuild or just replace a few parts. I want to include a new nvidia card, maybe a titan or 780, not sure about my CPU so i'll need your guys help on that one. I want to include a super big ssd card which ill be running most of my games from like bf4, titanfall etc etc. I would really appriciate your guys help on which parts to upgrade for better performance and which gpu + cpus are great right now. These are the parts which i have. I'm currently using a kinda old hard drive which is like 5400 Hz and like a 200gb ssd which i run my main things like op and league of legends from. i5-3570k Samsung 830 series SSD Windows 7 - home premium corsair TX 650 OEM Boot Drive Hd 500 BELKIN powerline Antec 1100 case GTX 670 EVGA Z77 moB Hyper 212 Evo Kingston low profile RAM Thanks, Daniel. Edit: I have a budget of around £1500/$2500
  7. Does any of this look right/wrong? [ATTACH=CONFIG]318[/ATTACH] (edit) http://postimg.org/image/6knequi9z/ Better quality
  8. I'm not having any luck, yes the mic is the default device on the sound settings.
  9. Yes, everything is hooked up as it should be.
  10. Yes that was the only time its happened EVER, thankfully. Soundcard? erm, i didnt add one of those when i built the computer?
  11. I downloaded the latest Audio driver and i still have the problem. Recently since i updated the drive i got a blue screen with white text on it, this is the first time it has ever happened, I think this is what came up, it only flashed up for a few seconds then rebooted my PC, at the time i was on the internet listening to the radio.
  12. Hey, when i plug my mics in, i can hear sound fine but it wont pic up any sound, it doesn't even recognize it as a mic, its a new custom build computer. Do i need to update my drivers, if so, how can i do this? My Mobo is = gigabyte ga-z77-d3h EDIT: When i put my headphones into the computer it plays sound through both my speaks and the headphones.
  13. Hi i'm looking to compare FPS rates between different GPUs and i'm wondering if there are some good websites?
  14. I currently have an i5-3750k/Geforce gtx 670 The CPU isn't overclocked, it's currently 3.4Ghz. I'm wondering if overclocking the CPU to around 4.2-4.4Ghz will give me much of a performance increase? And would buying another gtx 670 increase my performance by much? I currently run BF3 on about 60-70fps in max settings but sometimes drops to 40-50 fps when in a lot of action. With overclocking the CPU how much fps do you think it will increase by and how much is i buy a second GPU? thanks Aka.