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  1. Great post! Very constructive and informative.
  2. No, you may not simply replace your old graphics card with the GTX550Ti because your power supply can only provide 300W. You can either do one of the following: Buy a new power supply or look for a lower end card. Your power supply may be able to handle a 6570, and even that's pushing it.
  3. Does it start back up after it's completely shut down, or midway through the shutdown? But If I have to guess, it's because your system encountered an error while shutting down, causing it to reboot in an attempt to fix the error. Does it give you an error message when you enter your desktop after the reboot? If so, what does it say? Other possible solutions: Reinstall Windows Format your HDD Update BIOS/UEFI Check if all hardware is seated correctly Check if your power supply can deliver enough power to support your rig If all else fails, take out components one by one to root out the error. Also, for future references, it would be helpful to post your specifications as it provides us with additional info. Thanks :)
  4. If you want a keycap remover and additional keycaps you are going to be happier with CoolerMaster as the QuickFire Rapid includes both. I don't know much about the Leopold Tenkeyless Otaku, but it looks like a fine keyboard. If I must choose, however, my vote goes to the QuickFire. Read our review here. Lastly, I want to emphasis that our editor in chief (AKA Sam) had had a couple problems with the cherry MX reds being too easily pressed. Sometimes the keys would press with just the weight of his fingers, causing massive lines of undesired characters to appear on his screen. So a better option for a gaming/ typing keyboard (if you don't mind the noise) is a plank with cherry MX blues such as the Razer BlackWidow.
  5. Everything looks good so far. Glad you are enjoying your setup. Also, if you want less fragments on your Mechanical Drives, I recommend Defraggler. It's completely free and defrags much better than the windows defragmentation tool.
  6. great rig! The first build is always the most exciting one. All the experimenting, learning, and carefulness makes the first boot all the sweeter. Congratulations.
  7. Curiosity, special occasion, to play against your friends on the same platform so you can unleash your merciless skills upon their newby pants..... Trying to count reasons for building a rig is like counting stars, one will never be able to derive an accurate mathematical representation for the amount. We here at CustomPCReview do alot of system builds, but none holds more signifance than our first. So, what drove you to build your first PC? Which components did you use? Tell us below (interesing side story is a plus!). Let the reminiscing being!
  8. Age: Over 18 Occupation: student Favorite food: watermelons, curry, chestnuts 4th member feels special