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  1. I don't know what sound card to get. Creative Soundblaster Z? Is it better than titanium hd? If not, please recommend some
  2. The Megaloden will be superior compared to the Tiamat sound quality wise, but the Tiamat has better directional positioning. 7.1 headsets work by multiple drivers in one earcup. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. Advantage is that you can better locate your enimies. The disadvantages , in my opinion outweigh the sole advantage. Not-So-good sound quality and comfort. The multiple drivers in the earcup are smaller in size to fit them into the earcup and will not reproduce the clarity or sound quality of stereo headsets. The lesser comfort due to the extra weight of the drivers. Personally I'm a comfort freak. I can't stand anything uncomfortable. Anyway, I still feel unsatisfied by recommending a Megaloden. You could get a charcharias with a soundcard like the xonar dx or titanium hd your sound quality is limited through USB 2.0 Better still, go get a ad700. But anyway, it's all up to you. Hope I helped
  3. That, is truly high end. However the amp and dac will take up too much space on my desk, and I would like to utilize the functions of the creative sound blaster zx ( is not out yet ) maybe SBX Bass boost would work oh yeah, maybe I should get two headphones one for analytical listening , ad900 q701 and another for bass heavy enjoyment, xb1000 or t70, maybe even just eq the ad900 ( again I have no idea how. ) Thanks
  4. already did. i'm a kind of person to research stuff before i buy. perhaps amps should improve bass?? i dunno, i'm still much a noob at headphones.
  5. I'll probably be getting headphones as i have a blue snowball microphone. I've had experience with many headsets ( including Astro A40 ) and i came to realise that ALL (except Beyerdynamic MMX300, Sennheiser PC360/350) really suck and i lost hope in headsets.Then i decided to change to headphones. i've read a lot about headphones and i understand them better than i originally did. i'll also be getting a Creative sound blaster zx when they come out, so headphones like the Beyerdynamic T1 or Sennheiser HD800 can be powered ( the amp's not the best though) or maybe i should get a fiio e9 . I am considering Audio Technica ATH-AD900 which have wonderful treble and mid range sound and a huge sound stage with a bass of great depth and clarity but a lack of impact (according to what i have heard) I will say i am quite a basshead i always enjoy the feel of explosions, so the ad900 with its lack of bass impact ( one of its only weaknesses ) was quite disappointed. I've been looking forward to upgrading from my make-do set of headphones. I was considering whether or not buy AKG Quincy Jones Q701 i've read that it has a neutral sound more balanced with a equally large sound stage. Both headphones are open backed as i find that using closed back headphones make my ears sweaty and hot ( comfort is a priority ) i am, however willing to give closed cans another try should they improve my experience. i am open to suggestions for headphone and headsets ( Should some miraculous awesome godly headset appear however unlikely that would be.) That reminds me, no 5.1 headsets please, sound quality is traded of for comfort (weight) and sound quality I value sound quality over directional positioning
  6. I want a beyerdynamic dt990 , which has a 250 ohm impedence and I need a sound card capable of powering it . I originally considered the recon 3d but as I was about to swoop in on a deal I read an article about the upcoming creative sound cards ( I have my eyes on the Zx) and I hesitated ( I wish I did not have the habit of getting the latest hardware ) I need to power the dt990's and the zx has a 600ohm amp but I wanted to use the ACM ( i was considering a Mixamp from astro until I realized I couldn't power the DT990 s ) So I was confused if I could use the amp on the Zx while using the ACM
  7. How about the BenQ XL2420T Is 120hz has a 2 ms response time has tilt, height adjustment and 3D vision 2 ready with lightboost ( if you ever want to use it )
  8. But do you think that the Sensei is better than the performance MX ( or any mouse for that matter ) in terms of features, build quality or customizability ?
  9. I use a palm grip, and I don't really mind an ambedextrious design ( like the sensei ) I personally have a HUGE bias towards steelseries products and their build quality in them like the 7G ( I don't have it, I have a blackwidow ultimate ) but I've tried it at a shop ( don't like cherry MX black's ) but it's built like a TANK So after beating around the bush, what's YOUR opion on THE current best palm grip mouse ( Leaning toward the sensei )
  10. Is there a difference between CBR and VBR?
  11. I play diablo iii MW3 Battlefield 3 Skyrim V Starcraft ii Left 4 Dead Mostly those I enjoy
  12. I need a new mouse. So there are a few choices 1. Steelseries Sensei 2. Razer Ouroborous 3. Any suggestions
  13. How bout the Puretrak talent.
  14. Then is there a website where I can download FLAC or high quality MP3 videos?
  15. Actually I did some research and I need to ask whether MP3 will suffice or FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) will improve the listening experience and because I listen to my music through Youtube I need to know how to convert it to FLAC ( Youtube uses AAC audio which probably inferior to FLAC )