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  1. There are many reasons which makes Blackberry a smart thing. First of all it have cool keypad, It is well known for its BBM services and its functions. Blackberry have very simple functions and they are quite organized. Blackberry was the first company who had introduce smart phones to the world.
  2. Siberia v2 is smart bet for headphones there is no reasons to let it go out. It have pretty good sound quality actually, It have many other cool options also like Corsair vengeance or Vengeance 1500. It will be pretty good actually you have another options and for that you have to Grab a 1300, If you are having dedicated internal soundcard and a 1500 if you don't.
  3. Nokia Lumia 900 is a smart choice, It is Cool but not satisfying like apple and samsung mobiles . I have used Nokia Lumia 900, It was quite good actually, It is simple to use, easy to handle and cool thing about it is that it have all new design.
  4. That's great! I am kind of fed up with my samsung galaxy s. It works well but i am missing some real android experience in it, Have you ever feel that while using your phone? do you know any software which gives cool theme or cool more features to my phone ?
  5. Need help i have Macbook air and i want suitable headphones for it. from last many days i am seeking different shopping sites and forums for it. i want sliver coloured head phone with suitable metro look. can any one recommend me any head phone brand which makes such kind of headphones.