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  1. cooler master hyper 212 plus evo" is it plus or evo? O.o
  2. i see : ) , what are the risks? , the hole PC can burn? xD
  3. at the moment League of Legends and CODMWII
  4. i know all that xDD the point is to know, how much do you think its worth?
  5. I CHANGE THE mobo TO THE gigabyte ga-z77x-ud3h ; )
  6. it is already OC, to be as good as the msi , in that case, i cant OC it more right?
  7. tnks for everything guys! i created account in this forum today and i am loving it : ) Im staying here to learn with all of you and , if i can, teach ;) i just need the eBombzor explanation on the video card and i am done with my build : ) , order the components as fast as i can and ITS TIME 2 BUILD! xD once again , tnks!
  8. PCIe and PCI, what is that i connect n there? sata , i only have 2 drives so sniper has enough as for USB 3.0 , every usb "thing" that i plug in there will expirience the usb 3.0 speed? or only equipement perpared for usb3 ? and , do motherboards, change the performence of the PC? , or do some just have more connections than others? if doesnt affect the performence , better to buy the GigaByte GA-Z77X-UD3H , less expensive and more connections! i heard about a thing called chipset , can you tell me what it is? (its the same in both of this MOBOs)
  9. PSU: will that PSU give me enough power even if i add 1 HDD , 2 DVD ROM readers and anotheer video card? MOBO: will i need those extra conectivity options? for what? the MOBO u posted from amazon , Gigabyte Intel Z77 LGA 1155 AMD - compare os preos das melhores lojas online. , wich one is it?
  10. i cant re-use my HDD , its going to be selled toguether (dunno how to spell) with the rest of the old computer, or to my father or to a friend : ) thor case is a full gaming and i am going with microATX so.. no need.. i chose mATX because it is way less expensive , whats the problem of mATX? (as i sayd i am a noob) GPU, i dont know how to overclock, and i am not sure if i am going to. so why should i buy one of those cards? , they are less expensive so they should be worst , right? (once again , i am a noob i need more explanations xD) SSD : its is less expensive, and , for what you sayd, its faster so i'm going with your choice :) PSU : how many W should i get? 650? or 700? , (i have to buy more than i need , maybe i add something to the PC in teh future , like another GPU and a HDD) if you can correct my english in your mensage so i learn the words that i am mispelling :)
  11. do they want it? xD , how much do you think its worth?
  12. same here, once i bought a new video card and i didnt remeber i had to see if my PSU would give the right amount of power, well the PSU literally burned, luky me i took it out befor it spread to the other components : ) i'm new in PC build as well, but i am exited to pick my own components and build it my self! it seems the funniest part of it XD , (oh, by the way , chem my post , i need help in my build from all of you PROS :) GOOD LUCK with your adventure! xD sorry for my bad english ;)