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  1. ^ Nice - thanks for the quick reply!
  2. Oh yeah 1 question.. It's regarding the key that is supposed to be the windows key... Is it the same size as the F-row and Number Row? When I ordered the x8, it's coming with an additional keycap set (Keyboard Parts :: R4 1x1 Cherry MX Keycap Set - Max keyboard Nighthawk X8 and X9 Backlit Programmable Mechanical Keyboard) and I wanted to see if I could switch out the 'windows' key with the skull & crossbones lol.
  3. I'd just to thank everybody who took part in this helpful thread. I am a sound engineer who was looking for something to use in the studio while the lights are off. As a result I ordered a NightHawk (20% off memorial sale) x8 as well as the O-Rings from Mc Master (2418T114 Soft Buna-N O-Ring AS568A Dash Number 008, packs of 125). Hopefully this mod will make the keyboard feel more like the KeyTronic that I've been using for the last 10yrs... I love that thing & was hoping I could find an illuminated version of it, but hopefully the NightHawk x8 will be even better!