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  1. I don't have any advice on fixing it, I do however want to say before you sell it on ebay to let me know, I might be interested in buying it. I like to buy broken cards and salvage caps and stuff from them whenever I can
  2. I am running an XFX 7870 Black edition double d in my test system and I promise it's supported by MSI afterburner. MSI Afterburner limits. - Overclockers Forums
  3. I would say set your CPU vcore or CPU voltage at something like 1.25v and start working up to 4.5ghz by just changing the multiplier. Stress test each setting for 1-2 hours then move on to the next multiplier. Keep doing this until you're at 4.5ghz and then stress test for 8-12 hours. If it passes that, you're fine!
  4. Low voltage usually means high overclock. The lower the voltage it takes to run at stock settings the more headroom you have to pump more juice through the modules. My 1.35v samsung sticks clock really well, as do most 1.25v kits.
  5. I'm interested in that RAM. Any idea what kind of OC you can get from it? Also, interested in any trades?
  6. This is literally impossible to answer. However, I can tell you that the gamestops around here don't buy original xbox games anymore. With 34 games, I'd say maybe $120. Maybe. Depends if they have any bonus trade deals going.
  7. Thanks Sam! :) I'm still trying to unload some of this stuff!
  8. Hmm short of reapplying the TIM I'm not sure what to tell you. What are your fans like in your HAF912? Also, cleaned the dust out of your cards lately?
  9. flip the cards, maybe the top card just runs hot by default. putting it on the bottom may help with that, and the new top card may not run quite as warm.
  10. Low bandwidth cards like that may be fine without a bridge.
  11. you would get like 3 buttons to work. I've tried it. those adapters are horrible.
  12. 1-3% difference in performance at most. I used to run 5830s in crossfire at 16/4 then at 8/8 and never saw any noticeable changes.
  13. As far as noticing a difference in a mechanical keyboard and a rubber dome, you will be able to tell immediately. As soon as you start typing on a mechanical keyboard you realize you don't want to go back to anything different ever again.
  14. August 1st, I'm stepping up to 20MB/s when I get in my new apartment. Hoping to get something closer to 2MB/s upload.
  15. Silly Intel, putting EVERYTHING on the CPU. :/