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  1. apparently i didn't nuke the old hard drive properly so i ended up putting DBAN on a usb stick and booting my computer with that and it nuked the hard drive for me :)
  2. my build is the almost the same as yours and i have the Gtx 650 2gb Oc by EVGA. Is runs bf3 on ultra pretty nicely. i got it for $200 aaswell
  3. dont worry guys i fixed the sun o'a bitchee :)
  4. please help :( i just finished my rig i5 3470 gtx 650 2gb g.skill 8gb kit 750w psu seagate 500gb (my old one that had windows xp) msi mb when i try and boot up i get: acronis loader fatal error boot drive (partition) not found. i wiped my old hard drive that had win xp on it then re formatted it. and i got this message! why??? and i need help please!
  5. The coolermaster elite 371 case comes with a 500w powersupply, trying to save money by buying it. I want to know if it an alright psu. Buy Cheap Cooler Master Elite 371 ATX Midi Tower Case with 500W Power
  6. Wondering for all the people who play bf3, would a 6850, 4gb ram, intel i3 be sufficient to play bf3 on high?:cool:
  7. hey man, gratz on the partnership thanx for all the help with ma computer build. im in australia and if i get picked ill pay for postage through paypal or something could use the case fan really badly because i am using the one from my old computer luv ya bye!!
  8. i got this laptop for school, it is great for work, schooling, projects things like that. When u want to play games like APB reloaded, or tf2 it is unusable! dont get me wrong it is awsome and kool but u are really paying for the brand name "Apple" when you pay $1200 i would expect more.
  9. u think thats bad....... i got a macBook 11' model......
  10. i heard the sandy bridge cpu's only support up to 1333Mhz for the RAM, so will the 1600mhz corsair vengeance ram be compatible?
  11. I have Windows Xp PRO, so can i upgrade to a windows xp 64 bit and it will recognise...... the 8gb of ram and 1 gb vram?
  12. Another quick question!!! with the 8gb of ram you suggested, am i able for now use just one stick until i upgrade to 64 bit windows. And due to having windows Xp 32 bit am i able to upgrade to windows 7 64 bit?