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  1. You can use the first one if its the "twin Turbo ii" . I'm not sure that the later will be compatible since its for the older gtx chipsets. It most probably won't be compatible with your card. You'll need a bit of tech knowledge to change the heat sink as well . I'm not sure if these heat sinks will come with thermal paste. And this won't put much stress on you psu. Just like installing two more case fans :-) Sent from my GT-N7000
  2. Good luck with that mate. Whatever you want to do. Btw have you checked the reviews for temps regarding your card and ur current cooler? Because many of my friends brag about their arctic acelero coolers.
  3. I've had similar issues when my psu was giving up. Or when my graphic card needed a higher power supply. You'll need to get that checked. If that's fine, then the next problem could be ur motherboard or memory. So you hear any beeps?
  4. You might want to try some other sata cables. Since some sata cables are really crappy .
  5. It's not a ram hog. I used to use it on my system. Takes around 8-21mb maybe... It's nice.. Adds great a look and functionality to your desktop :-)
  6. I guess Vanhodid is right, if you're going to find a buyer who lives a couple of countries away.
  7. There's not much to explain about the video card, if you're considering eBombzor's configurations, then just get the overclocked version of the 7850 . And you're good to go :)
  8. Selling your graphics card + Mobo + CPU + RAM + Hardrive is only worth it.The parts are still good models and i have many friends using similar systems. I too am on LGA775. Things like the ROM, and Power supply aren't going to have much of a demand. It's best you find a buyer from within portugal, because someone isn't going to pay extra for shipping , if he can simply buy it from somewhere local.