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  1. no need for a groupbuy! there is a sitewide 20% off there. also a new model aside from the x9/x8 is available...identical featurewise it looks like but different shell...and no blue leds yet
  2. cheap bastard. i wish i found that too. lol
  3. find 2418T114, it has the measurements there
  4. @maxkb, thanks for the pro-tip! i'll be sure to do that next time. didn't have any gloves handy (pun) anyways but i have alcohol. you got me worried so i just checked with a bright light and it looks like no stains at all. whew! @sam, i got the 50a from mcmaster. it was 9.xx plus about 4 bucks shipped but it comes quick. pretty much within a day or two after you order. you'll get taxed because you're in CA though. also not worth paying extra for the 40a because when you're typing, you don't/won't exert enough pressure on the o-rings to notice a difference. its definitely a must have mod though. the hollow plastic bottoming out noise is an earsore in retrospect. with the mod, you still have all the mechkb sound but none of the bottoming out hollow plastic thuds. i'll upload a sound clip i took with my iphone later tonight or tomorrow.
  5. i actually just completed this mod just now and was going to type an update when i saw your question. no it does not affect the lighting at all. still super bright. the noise and feel though...EXCELLAANT. probably half as loud as before! this mod is a must do if you care about your ears or your neighbors lulz. the shorter travel also makes it feel a bit better too. it's not mushy or anything. it feels very natural and will probably make you type wee bit faster because shorter travel = less time spent on that key. of course that is just a conjecture and has no scientific backing. changing all the keys out took me a good 2-3 hours, so set aside that much time for yourself if you're planning to do it. also have some cleaning alcohol handy because you'll likely get grease all over the keys when doing the larger keys that have the stabilizer bars. the keys with the stabilizer bars will require complete removal, so be sure you're ready for that. not very hard at all though. difficulty - 2/5 time - 4/5 my ears no longer bleed = 5/5 total cost - 3 hours of labor and 13.88 shipped with 23 o-rings to spare
  6. Thanks Ger0ne! The keyboard has been excellent thus far. I'm getting more and more used to it and therefore quicker movements and such during gaming. It took a bit of adjusting coming from a low profile keyboard but now that I'm fairly adjusted, I do feel this keyboard is more accurate. The accuracy is not necessarily because of the tactile feedback but moreso the noise and the sensitivity. You audibly feel/hear each "click" from bottoming out and while you're not really paying attention, your brain sort of is "aware". Honestly the tactile feedback is barely noticeable while typing/gaming, unless you're trying to focus on it. This might be cuz I type fairly fast, I'm not sure. But it definitely makes the keyboard feel more "normal" as opposed to the Cherry Reds I've used before on the Corsair Vengeance series. A pure linear keyboard just felt weird because all your life before mechanical keyboards, you've always had a "bump" from membrane keyboards. One other issue that has arisen though from this keyboard is that the spacebar key started to squeak a bit. I contacted Max Keyboard on what I should do and they linked me to a video made by Das Keyboards showing how to remove the keys and dab it with grease yourself. I assume they will replace it if I'm somehow retarded and screw something up during the process. Luckily for them (and me) I'm not retarded and removing the keys were easier than I expected. I was able to swirl some excess grease already on the hinges of the stabilizer bar on the spacebar key and all is well again.
  7. cool, you're capable of being an adult too. :biggrin: thanks for the tip but a quick search based on the info you gave me yields me with one auto store that has it locally but for $2.39/pk which has a quantity of 9 per pack. it would cost me over 30 dollars to do the entire keyboard :( ( ) i actually did some searching before i placed an order at wasd and found that they simply buy in bulk from and resell. they use the exact same ones available at mcmastercarr for their 50a and a different supplier for their 40a, which is why it is more expensive for the 40a. i've already placed an order at mcmaster. it was $9.17 for a pack of 125 (shipping cost unknown till it actually ships, but mcmaster is fair when it comes to shipping). for those interested, go to mcmaster and put 2418T114 in the search field and you should be able to find it.
  8. good to hear that the smell goes away after awhile! what a relief as it is starting to bother me a bit lol. as for the sweat, i don't sweat much when i game but i'm starting to see the two spots from the wrist just from using the keyboard. i think it is inevitable and washing/wiping will probably not help the issue. not a huge deal since i suppose this accessory is replaceable if you care later on about the aesthetics. unless it gets really bad though, and only time will tell, it's not a big deal for me since not many people (no one) uses my computer but me. a quick search at staples and amazon shows that they have replacements available. an average rated one goes for about 10 bucks or a highly rated one goes for 15-18 bucks. im sure there will be deals/sales somewhere along the line too for these types wrist rests since they've been around forever and there are no "compatibility" issues obviously. as for gaming, i've done some starcraft II and alan wake so far and i'm pretty impressed. zero complains after adjusting to the new keys. i can also finally run AND jump at the same time! my APM in sc2 is not any faster nor slower though after the adjusting process. also, i mentioned earlier, i was afraid the keyboard sliding around might be an issue and it actually is not an issue at all if you use the included the wrist rest. using the wrist rest puts the weight of your hand on top of the wrist wrest rather than pushing against the bottom of the keyboard if you did not have a wrist rest. when my focus is out of the game though, i do notice the keyboard's extra noise from the bottoming out of the keys when i use them though. i think i'll definitely follow through with the o-ring mod. for those who are interested, this is what i am talking about: Cherry MX Rubber O-Ring Switch Dampeners (125pcs) excellent video showing the noise differences between three different types of switches at the bottom of that page.
  9. Anyway, as Sam and another member have already posted above, the three companies use the same OEM manufacturers and are not in any way related to eachother or owned by a "parent" company. They simply use the same oem for the shell of their keyboards. Qpad USA's website is owned and registered by Jason Bass, co-owner of Team ComPlexity. iOne and Max keyboard are both owned by folks in the bay area (California) with no apparent relation to eachother nor Qpad. Again, there is no parent company that owns these companies. Simply a common OEM. You're 300% wrong if you think there is a parent company that owns all three companies. ADMIN's Notes: **What'd I say about flame wars in the post above? Any more and I'll start deleting posts.**
  10. heres my little informal (english isn't quite proper) review: so i just unboxed the x8 and am using it right now to type this. i've used blues, reds, and blacks. blues felt great but were too loud. blacks were too stiff for normal typing and reds just felt weird, soft and lack of tactile bump just didn't feel quite right for some reason. to add to the fact, i was using a corsair k60 when i used the reds, so those keys were raised from the base of the keyboard, which made the keys feel really tall (profile wise). i feel these browns are a good compromise among these four switches but are still rather loud compared to the logitech scissor switched ultrathin illuminated kb i was coming from. (that was an excellent kb btw, excellent backlighting as well and whisper quiet) while i loved the logitech ultrathin, it was not meant for any sort of FPS gaming because you couldnt even hold down shift, w, and spacebar at the same time to perform a jump in FPS games. i may consider the o-ring mod in the future to see if i could reduce the noise a little bit. as for the overall feel of this kb, it feels rather solid. i've used/felt the DAS, corsair vengeance k60/k90, and mionix. this keyboard feels as solid as any of those (except the mionix, which was a tank). nice weight to it, like other mechanical keyboards. the blue backlighting is quite bright and even, just like the logitech ultrathin (cept the logitech was white, which i do prefer over these blues). one gripe i do have is the rubber feet. i can't recall if the other mech kb's i tried slid around but this x8 definitely slides around with the rubber feet and in raised position. the logitech which i still have with me does not slide around even though it is much lighter (and in raised position) i see this as a slight issue as the kb will likely slide a bit out of place during gaming sessions. the included wrist rest feels great. very comfortable but rather stinky. smells like...a weird plastic or something. this smell will transfer to your wrists inevitably. i hope this smell goes away. it is supposed to be constructed of memory foam but i've felt memory foam beds/pillows and such before and this is much stiffer that what i've felt before. almost feels like a gel rather than memory foam. the keys have a little wobble to them but nothing out of the ordinary. they also do not appear to be laser etched. the x8 didnt come with a keypuller so i cant pull one off to look. i've never had issues with my keys wearing off even on kb models where lots of people complained that their keys did wear off. regardless, max keyboard has been pretty excellent thus far in customer service and shipping, so this shouldnt be a problem even if there is an issue in the future. another gripe i do have though is the function/media key placement. i use those fairly often and with the function key being on the right side while the media keys are on the left side, makes it so you have to use two hands to use them. this will likely make it so i'll never end up using these, so they may as well be non existent. i already knew this at the time of ordering though, just thought i'd point it out to those who are interested in this function though. if they switched the placement of the media keys with the macro keys, this the keyboard layout would be perfect IMO. (or even better, dedicated media keys but i wont beat a dead horse) to conclude, this is a pretty excellent keyboard overall thus far minus the few issues i've mentioned above. the feel of it feels great. the matte coating is classy. the leds are bright and evenly lit. it has usb/audio in a convenient location. typing on it for this "review" has been excellent. however, i want to note that i DID have an issue while the typing of this. at one point, the backspace key got stuck! it erased the whole thing and i was like [email protected]#! but thankfully there is this wonderful function in windows called undo (ctrl + Z) which saved the day. i want to mention that this has never happpened to me, not on any of the other mech keyboards. hopefully this does not happen again or i might have to rma, which would be a pita. good luck and have fun with your unit when it arrives! i've yet to try a gaming session yet so maybe i'll follow up with a gaming experience. enjoy!
  12. uh, okay brah. you keep it to yourself then. :o i dont think you're right though.