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  1. One of the devices that are really necessary, which will be able to give a lot more emotions and impressions from the process of the game - are headphones for gamers. The beginner player may be shocked by the variety of designs, form factors, brands, price segments on the market of modern headphones. Therefore, today we want to answer frequently asked questions from users about the choice of headphones for games. All materials presented in the article are purely subjective opinion, which can significantly differ from yours, because, as they say, tastes do not argue. It’s impossible to understand what kind of headphones are right for you, unless you yourself listen to at least a couple of representatives of each type. What you can do in the audio supermarkets at the preliminary audition. Scientists have long proved that all people have completely different perceptions of sounds and tonalities. However, we will try to give you the most general and understandable arguments in favor of or against making certain purchases, and also not biasedly evaluate their characteristics. So let's get started! Main selection criteria: Price Construction and form factor Specifications Microphone (example https://www.bestadvisor.com/best-headphones) Price from $ 60 - the key to buying decent headphones I want to immediately warn you that you should not save on gaming headphones. It will cost you more, because after a month cheap headphones will fail and you will have to buy new ones. Not to mention the emotions that you will get in them during the game process. The ears get tired, the design does not adjust, the sound can be noisy, terrible detailing - all this will give you $ 50-150 saved on the device. For a start, you will be able to meet the budget of 4-5 thousand rubles, if you fold gaming headphones more expensive class of 10 or more thousand rubles. Overpaying for 3 thousand more than for any market "sANheizer", you get a pleasant quality of materials, a much richer sound and optimal assembly of headphones, which does not creak at every touch. At the same time, the money invested in more expensive headphones will eventually pay for itself, because some manufacturers give a warranty of 36 months for their products. But even if you use expensive gaming headphones for a year, it will be, on average, 6 times more than you can use cheaper headphones from Chinese brands and semi-base fakes. Construction and form factor Here comes the most crucial moment - the choice of headphones from a variety of form factors present in the modern world. If you do not go into details, the main struggle for gamers turned between headphones, droplets (vacuum) and full-size (monitor) headphones. Well, we advise you to choose the monitor headphones. After all, sometimes the process of the game is delayed for several hours and only correctly selected full-size headphones will be able to give you a comfortable, uninterrupted game from which your ears will not tire. It is worth noting that among these headphones you can find very uncomfortable options. Choose headphones with a double headband design: a metal guide and a soft lining under the head. Such a construction in the state will provide you with both a tight fit of the cups of the device, and sufficient comfort from their use. Also pay attention to the type of ear cushions, those that have the function of memory (foam ear cushions) and are made of breathable material as an advantage, because thanks to them, with long-term listening, you will not heat your ears. This can significantly increase the time of a comfortable game. Specifications From the headphones you must demand satisfaction. You will have to look for a model with the characteristics you need. However, after spending quite a bit of time, you will get much more from the game. So, you should pay attention to: The presence of surround sound technology in headphones. It is desirable that this was an imitation of 7.1. Thanks to this quality, playing action-packed action games where you need to fight opponents (like CS: GO), you will have an advantage over him, because you can hear his steps long before he gets to you from the rear; The sound quality is directly dependent on the impedance of the output earphone. Therefore, if you want to find headphones that will not have noise and distortion, choose those that have this indicator at a level of at least 32 Ohms, and preferably even higher; On gaming headphones, there must be a long connecting cable, ranging from 2 meters long. It’s good if it is removable, so you can adjust the length necessary for you from time to time, and even after such a cable breaks you don’t have to carry headphones into the service, it will be enough just to change it. As for the headphones, made by wireless technology, it is better to refuse them. They have a low autonomy of work, the sound quality is usually much lower than that of wired counterparts; Choose headphones with a USB connection type, as headphones using a standard 3.5mm jack, very often either have distortion themselves, or the microphone that comes with them comes bundled, extremely poor-quality sound; Headphone control should be on the cable. The buttons and sliders located on the headphone case itself take up very much of your time when setting up the game itself; In headphones, emphasis should be placed on low frequencies. So how exactly are they responsible for the richness of the sounds that your headphones reproduce. It is necessary to find a device with a sensitivity of at least 105 dB. You will also receive a nice bonus in the form of pleasant listening to music, if you are a fan of the ultra-modern directions of creativity; When choosing headphones, give preference to those that have a metal structure, although they are a bit heavier than their colleagues, however, they will serve you for a much larger number of years. The material of the housing finish is not fundamental, but judging by it, it is possible to distinguish better products. However, the decoration is not always worth hoping for. Therefore, never buy your favorite headphones without first listening! These are key criteria that will help you choose really high-quality gaming headphones. At the same time, users often make a mistake, first choosing a device over the frequency range, however, this is not a key factor for this kind of headphones. Microphone It is also worth paying attention to this element of the headset, because your time in online games depends on it. Choose active noise-canceling headphones with high sensitivity, so your companions can even hear your whisper. Total Listening to the rules outlined in this article, you can pick up high-quality gaming headphones, from which you can actually get both aesthetic and physical pleasure. However, we want to once again focus your attention on the fact that each person has individual hearing, and what the audiophile will like, which picks up a wider frequency range, can proportionally annoy a person with average perception of sound frequencies. Therefore, do not buy headphones without listening, based on some reviews from the Internet, and you will get what you were looking for!