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  1. Thanks so much for your detailed suggestion Sam...! Just another quick one, if I were to use Xeon E3 processors instead, would the Asus Z270 motherboards work just as well? Cheers!
  2. Hello world! I've decided to invest and build a workstation for my research in data analysis/machine learning, as I figured this will save me lotta time to work on more important problems... and I'm in reaaaal need of advice as I'm a first time builder! I have some brief requirements in mind: - 16GB ram, with potential to extend to 32GB (for data processing) - i7 7700(K) (not sure whether to go overclock) - cheap 2GB graphics, to run my dual monitors in FHD res; no gaming - sound card for me as an audiophile - 250GB SSD and 2TB HDD - BUDGET: GBP900 Things I'm not certain are which motherboard to choose (considering all the complex combinations of PCIe you could get) and whether overclocking brings much value. Would I also need separate cooling unit, and to what extent its capability should be? I assume a 350W Power Supply Unit would do me? So much thanks in advance for the help!!