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  1. I was about to buy Rocket League on Steam when I stumbled across across G2A. They're selling what looks like the same thing but at a whole lot less. They actually have a lot of games at a whole lot less. Anybody bought from these guys before? Scam or legit?
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. Let me see if I can get a test PSU to test this. I'll keep you guys posted!
  3. Hi technical experts of CPCR, I have an old Dell Inspiron desktop that I haven't used for a while and I recently tried to move it to the TV to set it up as a TV computer for watching Netflix. After I plugged it all in and pressed the power button, the PC doesn't turn on. I believe it worked the last time I left it, but it's not turning on anymore. Does anybody know any easy fix that I should try or is something more serious wrong with it?