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  1. @sam.chen thanks for the great information! I'm planning to build the computer sometime next month when I get some free time and do a bit more research. What are your thoughts on Threadripper vs Core i9?
  2. Hey Sam, I installed Malwarebytes and it found a couple things. Hopefully that was it. The system doesn't feel much faster though. Any other suggestions before I go in for a full reset? I'd like to avoid that if possible.
  3. Awesome, thanks for the suggestions! My area is an old Time Warner Cable area so I've only got up to 300Mbps max. Will go with the SB6183. Thanks!
  4. As the title says... I own a surfboard SB6141 right now. Been on one for a very long time, but my ISP (Spectrum) won't give me a speed bump unless I upgrade to a new modem. Whatever. So I'm faced with the SB6183 or SB6190 or SB8200. Or maybe a Netgear, but the 6141 was so damn good I'd like to just stick with ARRIS. Saw the review on the SB6183. Still the best? Any plans to review the SB8200?
  5. Hi custom pc community, I just read the Best Workstation PC Builds article. Great article that's very helpful. I have some questions. I'm trying to build a new video editing pc so i can edit some videos from my gopro and I also want to get into 3d modeling, but I'm not there yet. So far just want to put stuff on youtube, but I want to learn a bit more later. I noticed that all the workstation builds are all Intel. Is there any reason why it's all Intel? I've been reading a lot about AMD Ryzen. Seems that the prices are a lot cheaper and it's faster than Intel in a lot of stuff.