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  1. Friends monster pc

    Hi Sam and thanks for the reply! The reason he chose that case is because he wanted a case to last while still being nice looking and effective. If you got any recomendations for a full tower that has lots of space and has effective cooling he is open for sugestions. And for the harddrives he chose the Samsung 960 EVO 1TB M.2 PCIe SSD to have his games while still having a fast secondary harddrive for programs and everything else. And the Samsung 960 EVO and WD blue 1TB was a few hunder bucks cheaper than buying a samsung 960 PRO 2TB. And I heard that the pro series of samsung is running hot, is that true?
  2. So my friend is wanting to build a new super high end pc and wants some help and opinions before he spends his money, https://www.komplett.se/wishlists/df6cb6e4-4766-4026-8cbb-261822540f60 the website is a swedish one but parts are in english so hope you guys can understand. Would be appriciated with the feedback of the build. The build is ment for high perfomance in games and is built for gaming only.