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  1. yes.. thats what i want to do... I just want to get the data off the drives first. Anything I can do to read them would work. I tried some drive recovery software but because the way stripe 0 writes the data the files the recovery software pulls off the drive is fragmented... The files are partial. If I could copy from both drives into one disk and put the data together i would be happy!
  2. Thanks for your reply Sam! So you think any MoBo with an intel chipset should do it eh? I wish there was a way for me to use my external sled to load them up. I have a duel hot swappable sata drive dock... I had imagined that I would be able to find some software that could link up the drives somehow. Thanks again!
  3. Hello! So I have two hard drives from a build from years ago that were running in a RAID Strip 0 configuration on a Asus Rampage II Extreme... My question is two fold: 1: Does anyone know a way that I could mount these disks outside of actually booting the disks on the original chipset/raid controller? Like as in is there a software that will allow me to read the drives sledded? There is no problem with the drives, only that i don't have the original system the drives were in. 2. If i wanted to build a super cheap rig that I could use just to boot into these drives, would i need to use the exact same Motherboard or are there other boards with the same RAID support that would let me boot my drives? For instance... I was running an Asus Rampage II Extreme with these drives... but is there another old MoBo that would work as well? Something I could get on eBay or something? When looking on eBay for old Rampage II Extremes, I was shocked to see them having a $300.00 price tag. Its like an 8 year old motherboard! Thanks in advance! - Brad