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  1. I want to build a pc with a 1800x or 1700x but didnt decide yet which one, performance seems just a bit lower for a $100 saving with the 1700x. After some research, i didn't find any motherboards with 2 NVME M.2 Ultra to use 2 Samsung 960 in raid 0. i am even not sure if it is possible with those AM4 motherboard. In some review, they also said that Optane will not be available on AM4 motherboards... so how can i upgrade with a dual channel memory + no possibility to improve my storage ?
  2. Soon i will do a build and one of my choice was the NZXT Phantom...but i change my idea because there is a lot of plastic on NZXT product and i am scare to break the front panel when i will remove it :-(
  3. Hi I just try the site to download the iso site...but i have a blank screen on the left ?