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  1. Alright, i got everything picked out, thanks for the help :), can i ask a silly question, which cords will i have to buy as well? or does most it come with cord gonna sound like a silly question since i never bought part by part just wanna make sure it will all be good to go when it gets here i dont have to wait more shipping days,
  2. Rgb would be for the mobo correct, alright i will go with fans for first and if anything will go for watercooling budget wise i dont mind spending a little bit more since im always on the computer i added that build up and its around 1200 right now, what i7 would i go for with a build like this as well, and i think that will be all, gonna start getting the build :) thanks for the help as well! also if i dont know how to over clock should i get this over clocked cpu or will it be fine how it is, also for fans would you suggest any better ones if it's a little bit more would go for it, i was looking at different cases i would more want a open one where you could see the lights, edit: computer case as well if i wanted a more open one to see the lights what would you suggest to go with / with this build? i like the one listed but wouldnt really be able to see the lights when they're on. i was looking at the phenteks eclipse p400s but not sure if its that good for air flow as well
  3. Thanks for all the replys, i would more like to stick with the i5 or i7 do you have a suggestion which one i should get from my research people are saying, i5 > i7 is almost the same just a little bit of a difference? or is the build pretty much alright for that? also if i did switch out the motherboard for rgb how do i know if everything will be capability of working with it noob question sorry Gpu / cpu / ram, does that have to do with more of the pins? and for gen year wise on Gpu newest to oldest i dont mind as much as long as it would be better / last longer, i use the pc 8-16+ a hours a day some times work from home, x 7 days a week, i do as well live in a hot area and it's almost 70-90% 365 days of the year so would water or liquid cooling be better for me here not sure if they're the same thing noob question again, and with all the that in mind would be recording some days 8 -16 hours which shouldn't be to much i am more use to normal desktops so not sure how good this build is compared to that has to be a lot better though, i just dont wanna spend the $ knowing could of got something a little bit better which may help over time if fans are fine i will go with that just wanted to make sure
  4. Can i ask you a question sorry as well, im new to custom building, just wanna make sure i do this right! everything on there is all there parts you need right? also if i were to get a i7 instead would that make a difference? what i7 should i go with as well, and is it capable with everything on the mid range budget? also would cpu liquid cooling be better? never used it so not sure how it works my self if it would be to hard for someone on there first build will leave it a lone, but if it would help in the long run wouldn't mind as well. Say if i were to get, a i7, would a graphics card like this be okay as well? gtx 970 > 980, i wouldn't mind spending little more if so, just curious to what the big difference in im use to standard desktops < just wanna build a nice custom one that will last a while. sorry for all the questions Edit: Also i would like to have lights in the pc, and i think the mid range is the one im going to go with, is that motherboard fine for that? if so could you point me in the direction what to buy for that as well, and if anything could be upgraded before buying in the mid range what would you suggest, cpu? or gpu or is it fine, also will the build need to be over clocked? not sure how to do that if so i might end up taking it to a store to build it since it's my first build and dont wanna ruin it thanks for the help out of your day as well.
  5. Hello im just looking for suggestions, right now this is my first custom build pc, i'm going to be using it for recording / streaming, < recording could be for 6-12 hours straigth + so i would need something that will stay low CPU / GPU / RAM usage never had a custom build / this is my first time so i am kind of new to it, so just looking at ideas on what you think i should go with, Lets say i set a budget of 800$ would it be worth to go more to like 1200$? or 1100$ or even a little bit more just curious. anyone who can help i much appreciate it and thanks for taking your time of your day to help, Also mods / or admins not sure if im posting in right spot can move to right spot if not? sorry new to this forums.