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  1. Typically the motherboard will comes with a SATA data cable or two, the case will provide the cables to connect to the motherboard (various LEDs, USB ports on the front, and power button). Then the PSU usually fills in the "gaps" and come with it own cord. Though if your plan on mounting on a decent amount of fans be sure to check your board to see how many system fan spots it have. As you might need grab yourself a splitter if there isn't enough. Above all check all your components to check if they include enough cables and connection then buy others if needed.
  2. Yes look for 80 PLUS Platinum grade PSUes if you want the best of the best in efficiency. As for fanless there ARE cases specifically designed to be able to cool to a certain TDP. Since these are commercial items you can easily hit reviews to find out which ones ACTUALLY works and which ones are "green scams" variants. Basically how these works is having fins just like you find on any passive CPU coolers. Only they are "built in" into the case itself to offer enough cooling. You are right that ECC is typically not needed for home computing but if your doing anything that you might want protection from RAM corruption then you might want it. I would personally upgrade to that given that your CPU and board both support it. Like why not right? I hope all of these help and let us know if you need more help with anything.
  3. You can reap efficiency by going with a gold/platinum PSU. In most cases you'll easily be able to grab a PSU of these quality at 500+ watts which will do you very well. If you want to up the efficiency even more going fanless can help you save some juice as well. However depending on what you shooting for you could even go with lower power CPUs as well if your wanting to go the extra miles for consuming even less power. However this and going with a low wattage GPU could affect your performance so it balancing act that you will have to consider with those notes. Finally if your going to do anything serious and want ultimate reliably then go ECC for the RAM. Hope these pointers help you out.
  4. Here a few pointers I would like to point out... Liquid cooling in many cases are just for aesthetics OR for quite heavy overclocking. Otherwise unless your in a situation where the local area is extremely HOT then you would be able to help keep a hot rig under reasonable temperatures using a liquid based cooling solution. However for many people just proper case cooling and possibly a "beefed up" CPU cooler is all it really needed. Finally if your budget is at stake AMD is honestly the best in GPUs vs. NIVIDIA and business practices. Everything from underclocking GPUs to UNREASONABLY charging for GPUs is wrong with NIVIDIA.
  5. Most likely it is indeed the PSU not being able to deliver the wattage that it advertised for. Or as you mentioned it could easily just be that you have a defective PSU or in the case it out of warranty it aging out. As PSUs do age over time and loses efficiency and it's potential output over time of it lifespan. Try going for a newer more higher grade PSU and see if that's helps.
  6. Another option you could have (depending on how much AMD will charge on these) is waiting for the newer AMD CPUs to come out. History says that AMD is the "bangs for the bucks" brand in CPUs so it might be worth waiting if you can.
  7. Yes I agree with the rest of the users. Wait for the newer AMD CPUs to come out and provided AMD doesn't jack up the price they will finally be AMD processors made to game on the budget. I am personally not happy with Intel CPUs' price marks (noticeably more on the higher end insanely priced E Intel CPUs).
  8. Now of days you don't even need to worry about Windows licenses given there actually quite interesting Linux distributions sure to please. Even Window users can use one of these with just a little helping hand on their side. Such as starting with compatible components known to have drivers for Linux based OSes. :)
  9. Looking for a Quality Custom Computer? Whether your looking for budget systems orientated starting at just around $500. Using well valued AMD processors and APUs to the top end gaming and workstations systems made to take just about anything thrown at them. You can let me know and you can leave the building of your system, installation of software, and set up to me. Receive your system ready to use, just plug it in and it ready for your uses! Contact me at [email protected] or contact me right here on the forums for more information. All Payments are processed by the use of Paypal, proof of built internal and external hardware will be provided prior to shipping it off to the customer proving that the system was assembled and setup to their requirements. Finally since the customer will be in control of shipping charges he/she will has to provide shipping requirements (express/standard/budget/etc) then which I will quote for prior to requesting payment and starting the servicing.