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  1. Looks good :D Count me in on this one haha would love to win of course lol. Liked and shared everyday :-) FB: Nathan Alexander Orlando Kelly Email: [email protected]
  2. Hey everyone im back after a nice month vaca :D Lol. Havnt been on here for almost 2months though butttt my build has been completed thanks to this forum and ill post some pics on it today!! One question i have been wondering and intrested in trying is overclocking my CPU. I am very familiar with most of my BIOS settings on me ASUS Z77 Sabertooth moB but really dont know exactly how to sucessfully OC my cpu. It is a I5 3570k. Here are my full system specs. MoB: asus z77 sabertooth Memory: memory vengence 8gb 1600mhz Cpu: i5 3570k Gpu: Gtx 550ti zotac Psu: ocz fatal1ty 750W CPU COOLER: Thermaltake Pro 2.0 liquid cpu cooler Would love to eventually OC at 4.5 GHZ but for now a 4.0 GHz OC would be a nice start. Thank you to anyone who has knowledge on this cpu amd replies to this post :)
  3. Still no confirmation email from Heinsberg. Hopefully everything is running smoothly now that you have recieved money over 2 day ago. Dont want to doubt you but if you percrastinate past june 1, 2012 i will bring this issue up with paypal backup services to secure my money and be refunded for failure to ship to buyer Please message me back on custompcreviews, my email that was given to you at purchase, or text. Any method will work fine as long as it includes the confirmation email and tracking number. Thank you
  4. If you are still looking into pre-filled liquid cooling systems..Check out the Thermaltake 2.0. Heard about it off this website and how well it competes against corsiar H100 is remarkable. Cant wait to see this in action when i can purchase one :D
  5. So just posting into this thread stating to the site (Sam) that there was a transaction that took place thanks to this site. I have purchased the GTX 550 TI Zotac GPU from Heinsberg!!! Saved a lot of money and he was able to make money because of this site!! HURAY LOL everyone wins. Paypal does seem to take a while for the transfer to take place if anyone does use this method to make transactions between the seller and buyer and it has still not been received by Heinsberg but I am certain it will be processed by tomorrow. If anyone is considering buying products through this website or selling, i highly recommend Paypal as they are a well trusted company who have a wide range of protection guarantees put in place for both parties of the deal. They allow for one to explain and choose why they are transferring the money and allows you to track when and what time the seller has received and validated the transaction. Everything has run smoothly so far and hope it continues on this path :D Thank you Sam for allowing this trade to take place over your site and i do not put your site at fault for any incidents that could possibly occur or will i hold it against this site.
  6. Aw man i am already having problems wid fingerprints after my video but a good few minutes of cleaning easily takes em away. An honestly i like the look. I looke at all four different models beogre purchase and youtubes and my personal opinion was the glossy black. I am so far extremely satisfied with it and glad i bought it. Couldnt be happier :D I guess its just your iwn preferences on the color. I will say the fingerprints are a bit of a pain for now but once all together and upgrades are done i wont be entering case as often as i am
  7. Oh yah man. This thing is massive and with so many different optuons you can take with watercooling this case allows you can do anytype of setup in this case!! Hope someday to do my own custom water cooled system if i feel confident i can do it :D
  8. Just received this Case in the mail yesterday after buying off of amazon for $160.00 and with free 2day shipping and handling included because of student discount. but forget that lets get into this case!! Very beautiful glossy black finish on top of a full steel case with a fine, high-quality plastic lining the top and front panels. VERY LARGE. HUGE LOL. I watched countless reviews of this product and even after seeing so many paired up to the commentators I was still unprepared for the actual size of this beast! If your worried about room for your build or will you have enough room in between components for optimal airflow, no need to worry with this case!!! If you are more into the liquid cooling side of a system this case supports a 360 rad. liquid cooled system at the top of the case and up to a 240rad. at the bottom. (If you remove the bottom HDD drive bay.) So lets get into the general specs this case comes equipped with: Bays and Expansion: -External: 5.25": 4 -Internal: 3.5"/2.5": 6 -Expansion Slots (PCIE): 9 Cooling: -Front: 2x120/140mm -Top: 3x120/140mm -Rear: 1x120/140mm -Bottom: 2x120/140mm -Interior: 2x120/140mm Clearance: -VGA Support: 375(w/o fan), 350(w/fan), 285mm(fan at full pivot) ***YES THE FAN CAN PIVOT THAT IS ATTACHED ON HDD/SSD DRIVE BAYS*** -CPU heatsink support: 195mm -Wiring Space: 23mm Case Specs: -Dimensions: 235(w)x595(h)x585(d) in mm -Materials used: steel, high quality plastic. -Weight: 13.7kg/35Ibs -MoB Support: E-ATX, XL-ATX, ATX, MICRO-ATX, MINI-ATX -External Connections: 1xStandard Audio/Mic, 2xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, Card Reader. Outstanding case!!! I can already imagine my system when this is complete and am very anxious to complete it now that i have the case in!! For the price this case has a superb quality build, very sturdy, easy to use thumbscrews throughout for easy access to all components and installation, perfect for the new build any of you have in mind!!! I am on youtube if you would like to see the case in a full video review which will be uploaded soon!!! Under same name as this site: Techmobin Like, Subscribe to stay tuned for upcoming unboxings, reviews, benchmarks and of course the completion of my build as well as upgrades that follow!! HOPE THIS REVIEW HELPS!! :D
  9. Wow great price.. would hate to be screwed over if i took you up on this offer though. Do you have a youtube in which I could see it in use>? silly question..but i would rather pay the extra 60 to have a brand new one that has a guaranteed return policy, can ship to company if any problems occur and is going to work.. Personally i want to go with a high end GPU but time is coming close to GW2 and honestly i can deal with a GTX 550 for now until i can upgrade. Please message me or just reply in this thread. FYI: If you are hesitant and don't feel like taking time to make it because you think I am only considering the offer, I am fully ready to pay the full $80 and paypal transfer fee. Just message me when you have time I will be checking in till then
  10. I was going to purchase the OCZ 80+ 750W PSU. How do you feel about this product Alex>>??
  11. The GTX 670 is an outstanding card. You will be playing games on the Highest settings across the board for a good year at least and should be playing in the high settings range for a few years to come. For the price its a must have if you have the money for it and in all reviews Nividia blows AMD out of the water with all their products so me i would go for he GTX 670. If your wondering how it compares to other items always check out the specs of the GPUs on AMDs and GTX websites that show a full list of products, their specs and how they fair on games in terms of FPS. I would post the specs but it would take up another page probably and wouldn't be as organized as their website itself. If you have not already purchased a case already check out the NZXT SWITCH 810. Ill have a review on it as well on this site by tomorrow and a video review on youtube next week. (same name as here) It is a full tower case with both 2.5 and 3.5" bays, space for a large rad. and med rad. at bottom. also cutouts for custom liquid cooled systems. Can hold most ATX MoBs and plenty of room for absolutely anything. Can hold up to 14 fans on the case itself and to top it off a nice cutout window showing off your whole case!
  12. So i will have my case in for my build probably by this weekend. I will either be going for the NZXT 810 SWITCH or WIN a ROSEWILL BLACKHAWK CASE. Either way I will have one in soon! As anyone who has even watched an unboxing of any case on youtube knows, the cases do not come with all fan ports filled and most of the time, the stock fans are loud and fail after a while. (Also they are usually plain.) So, I have come down to two possible fans i am considering adding onto these two cases. EIther the Bitfenix Spectre Pro 140mm Fan with red LEDS or the AeroCool 140mm Devil Red fan with RED LEDs. AeroCool: [ATTACH=CONFIG]182[/ATTACH] BitFenix: [ATTACH=CONFIG]181[/ATTACH] These are just fans i believe are the most effiecent out there but if anyone has a different fan that they prefer, please post in section below :D Thanks
  13. I think the NZXT SWITCH I love the styleof the case and the glossy finish would compliment the overall car design Idk how you plan on doing it though haha
  14. Off to put up flyers :D Put em up all around my school. Lets see how many likes your facebook gets by tomorrow :D I was thinkn bout going to UC and putting some up there to. Hope to get 600 before 15nth!!
  15. Oh boy i never would have imagined a case looking like a car haha :D VERY COOL let me think... a good case that could be transformed into a car... Heres a few: -NZXT M59 ATX MID TOWER -ROSEWILL BLACKHAWK -ANTEC ELEVEN HUNDRED MID TOWER -ANTEC SONATA III 500 -ANTEC TWO HUNDRED V2 -ROSEWILL CHALLENGER U3 of course---CM STORM TROOPER Just a few ideas. I have never personally done this before but if i was going to I would probably chose one of these sexy case. I'm not doing this to my case but another one you could consider is the NZXT SWITCH 810. Just a thought :D