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  1. Thank you Sam for all your help ! It is much appreciated !
  2. Oh , also I wanted to ask if you have a recommendation for storage for the linksys wrt1900. I have done some reading on this as well with some conflicting reports. It seem debatable that this is worthwhile as there seem to be some download speed issues and that this option was added as an after thought by linksys to entice the average consumer.
  3. I will add that one to my list. It will likely be in the coming months that I accumulate these parts. After I have them, if I run into any further questions could I reply to this post to get advice or direction on the build ?
  4. Sounds good to me. I have one more question. About towers, while I was looking at the 100r I noticed the 300r. I read that it has filters for the air intakes. Is this something worthwhile ? I do know that these old machines I work with are usually very dirty inside.
  5. Sam, I certainly appreciate your time to look into this for me. I am no computer tech by any means. I have the ability to research and put parts together. I do a lot of reading before I start on a project. I have a couple more questions if you don't mind ? in the "final thought" for the build it states "Of course, those looking to do more on the video side should definitely upgrade to something a bit more powerful for a better experience". What would this consist of compared to this build. Also would I be able to add this to the current set if funds were available in the future. i don't fully understand the graphics cards. I have bought a few over the years to run dual monitors. So my question to this is, would I be able to run the 3 screens from the card you suggest or is this card for the quality of the graphics. I will need to run the projector which I think runs independent of the monitors but there is also a choir monitor (60" led) that I can't see from the booth we have the computer in. Can I tandem the choir to a monitor at my booth so I can see what is actually on it ? as well as the actual monitor for the computer. I apologize if this doesn't quit make sense. As is often the case, I don't understand all I know about what I'm doing. thanks again !
  6. Thank you Sam for replying. I would think I can do this under 1000 and likely close to 500 for the tower. I know I see sample builds for 2k and up for graphic design but This is not a big time production situation. Small church with some new space and equipment. Our goal is to have the ability for missionaries and members who cannot attend services to attend via internet. Make quality CDs & DVDs of services but not TV production. So far we are using the basic windows set, with a program called easy worship to run the projector TV. We are feeding audio from the sound board (Allen & Heath qu32) to the cameras mic input then downloading the sd card to the pc. Likely something between Sony sound forge and Avid pro. I haven't researched these yet but it seems that even the lower cost programs will do the job these days. Sam I would normally take a box set and add ram and or processor as well as anything I could to get the max out of it. But then your limited from the start. I think I would rather start with the most I can and have room to build on that. I can put it all together but need some direction. thank you for your time
  7. Hello, I have been tasked with building a tower at my church for our new monitor set and sound system. This computer will be used to run a 6'x12' projector screen with a back monitor for the choir, recording video from a hd camera, editing same, and recording editing multiple channel sound. It will also need to store (either internal or external) the finished video for later viewing through network as well as creating cd's and dvd's. Further we will be using graphics and drawing programs to create content as well. Photo editing also and the usual email, ms office, quick books and the like. It should be windows based as most available programs we will be using are for windows. Someone may have some software suggestions as well. Could some one direct me to the appropriate area to find out what I need to build ? Thank you for your time.