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  1. Thats a T-virus res. they come in a bunch of sizes and colours
  2. ah IC. I had the cs go beta for like 6 months, played it on and off but I dont plan to buy it.
  3. I assume u mean full ATX chassis so my vote goes to the 650D, Fortress FT02, Lian Li p50(armoursuit) or any similar. NZXT switch or phantom are also solid feature wise but the build quality will be lower. Im a big fan of the aluminum or "clean style". When i eventually upgrade my systems ill definitely be looking in the direction of tj07/cosmos/liali/obsidian inspired designs.
  4. bump? seems like none of the admins look at this sub forum ...
  5. I believe the 200mm fans can be replaced by 2x120mm? also if you replace the front fan, be careful with the thickness as 30mm thick fans will not fit (btw very nice case choice :D )
  6. I love messing around in battlefield. anything to hav fun. I dont bother recording much because my canadian upload speed and bandwidth is really shitty ... Also Id prefer if Sam or 1 of the staff made the platoon so its more official n stuff :p
  7. I know some of the members here are avid bf3 players, I was wondering if some1 could set up a platoon so we can get some gaming time together?
  8. Iv had my eye on this game for a while actually. My experience playing the korean / foreign localization of games has been mixed. I might give this a try.. but probably end up being too lazy and waiting for the english
  9. The cycle: at first everything has its own hw then it gets compressed down until its just 1 unit, then expands again repeat. As for ram o/c Iv never really gotten far with my junk. I dont want slack timings cuz that kinda defeats the purpose of a fast clock. My best OC was actually on a set of G skill low voltage dual channel kit for a customers PC, it was like they were wrongly packaged XD
  10. hears hoping it turns out like the gtx670 vs the 680 and has almost same performance for a significant price drop lol
  11. doubt it will outperform but it will be dead silent thats forsure
  12. Thunderbolt is a cool tech because it is truly a universal port in the fact that any kind of data can be sent over it. I would like to see video cards include a thunderbolt port on them instead of just a mini-display port. That would help push the tech. But because USB is so established, it wont be more popular that USB3. Hopefully future versions will see a lot of success and we can phase over into it instead of it being just another firewire
  13. Wow I just saw this monster 寂静之地,七彩虹首推零噪音版GTX 680显卡 (it is in Chinese with pictures, view in google chrome and it will translate if you need) 20 heatpipes and 2 massive heatsinks!
  14. I wear them for extreme amounts of time with no discomfort. Im not a small guy either. I cant say if they are going to be comfortable for everyone but personally speaking they are very light and built in a way so they can flex to fit most heads. The only "discomfort" would be that they do heat up on ur ears eventually but for any big headset you will notice that :P