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  1. it looks like for some reason youtube is not counting the likes for your video because it is some type of give away, I am not completely sure but this video had way more likes to start with, When is this giveaway going to end now???
  2. Awesome! another giveaway! this is an awesome community. Let the best man win :) or woman. :)
  3. WOOT! so when is it being annouced today? And is it being announced in the forums or in a youtube video? This is soo exciting!
  4. thanks the was some pro advice, im still a nooby but ill start building in a month, currently out of the country, but thanks again for all of the help
  5. do we know any rumors or news about the next generation of razor mouses?
  6. good solid graphics card. my friend has this one
  7. Hi I once read about something called cable threading and I was thinking of doing to my first build to give it a clean look. Any advice or cool designs?
  8. very cool idea. I will definitely look into this if I dont win the contest :P
  9. thanks a lot for the link cant wait to get this!!!
  10. i love league of legends and will destroy all. add me :) we can play anytime. im cool ;) LoL name = TheClumsy0ne
  11. Hi. So right now I am a first time builder and I am looking to buy the GTX 680 for gaming. My question is that my motherboard has PCI 2.0 x 16 slots, and the new GTX 680 is PCI 3.0. I know they are backwards compatable, but will I be losing a significant amount of performance? Would it be better to buy a card with PCI 2.0?
  12. I also just orded the i52500k and I cant wait to try overclocking. Never done it before but I think I will learn a lot from this community. I´ll let you all know when I need some help. Thanks
  13. Doing my first build and it is a red and black theme. The X9 would go great with it and how cool it would be to win. :) Good luck to all and I am glad I joined this site even if I dont win.