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  1. Ah the first 100-200 likes came in like a flash, but it's stuck around the 400 mark now... C'mon guys/girls, recommend Custom PC Review to friends/family/the local bum on the corner! This site definetely deserve more viewers and this way you don't have to wait till December before the give-away ends! ;) Haha
  2. Nice review! I'm still hesitant on buying a mechanical keyboard, one for it's price and two for the noise. I can't say my cheap rubber dome keyboard is that quiet, but if you tap the keys softly I'm still able to type without waking my roommates. I'm also curious to see how it performs when gaming. The tactile feedback should be brilliant when typing, but it might be annoying during gaming. Would appreciate your 2 cents in that. :) ps. Good to hear the customer service is excellent for this keyboard, cause I fear that your shift-key isn't working... :p
  3. I've been told that the CM Hyper 212 Plus is able to cool a CPU pretty well considering it's price. It of course comparing it with liquid cooling or an air cooler with thrice its pricetag, is a bit unfair, so you will probably not be able to push the clock speeds that high, but I think you can still overclock a bit with it. Could you confirm this assumption? Cause I am planning to go with the i5 3750K with a Hyper 212 Plus as well and I was hoping to OC it at least over the 4 GHz border.
  4. Yeah I'm actually impressed with the quality of the nexus S! But I hold my ground, it's a nice added feature, but eventually smartphone photo's are only for those emergy cases in which you didn't bring a camera and you need to take a picture (like blackboard drawings lol!) And no matter how much you fiddle with the settings of my ZTE Blade... the pictures stay crap! xD
  5. Maybe a stupid question, but does entering require you to actually share the Facebook message? The Phanteks Facebook page is making me think I should, but Sam's post here in the forum makes me think that my "mouth to mouth sharing" to a bunch of my friends has already been sufficient to make me awesome... :P
  6. Wow already another give-away! =O That made me completely forget about not winning the Nighthawk Keyboard, haha! ;) I'm trying out my luck as well, cause I plan to build a pc this summer and without a decent CPU cooler I won't try to OC it. Hopefully it will take less than 3 weeks to get thos 750 likes, cause I can't wait! :biggrin: Good luck to everyone!
  7. Damn, didn't even make the top 25! xD Oh well, guess I have to save up a lot to try one of these things out (cause $100+ isn't in my budget atm :P). Anyway congratulations fuller2002! Enjoy it and let us know how the transition from rubber dome to mechanical is!
  8. I'm always really suspicious towards these kind of apps... Most of the time there is an awful catch to it or they just downright ripping you off. Have you even tried to use the redeem codes they give you? For example N number of points give you $1,- for Amazon, but can you actually redeem more than one code in the same order? If not than having saved up $21,- requires 21 orders to actually use it... If it actually works the way this way and there is no catch, then awesome! Might as well give it a try when I want to order something online! ;) Until it get's taken of Apple store, cause like Gorman already said... it's a fat chance that it's against Apple's regulation! Haha :biggrin:
  9. Ok not meant to steal this topic, but would you suggest the same for air cooling? I plan to build a gaming system this summer as well, and am still doubting if the €40,- extra for the Ivy Bridge processors are worth it (or rather spending it on a better Graphics card). If all goes well I definetely want to try overclocking a bit as well, but nothing extreme as I am still new to this and I don't want to risk frying my chip. Water cooling isn't an option for me but I think a Mugen 2 or CM Hyper 212 will cool it sufficiently for some overclocking. So in that case the Ivy Bridge only pluspoint over the Sandy Bridge is the lower energy costs (+ debatably less heat production?) and I have a feeling that isn't worth €40,-.
  10. No one here is denying that, but the thing is that if you'd do a blind test (without blind fold ofcourse otherwise it will be difficult to test =P) and put you in front of either a 120 or 60 Hz monitors, than most likely you wouldn't be able to tell which framerate you are looking at. If you'd place them side by side you could be able to tell the difference, but since this is not the normal work situation I doubt you really notice the higher refresh rate. Also keep in mind that you need one hell of a gaming rig to be able to display more than 60 fps in the most recent games, so turning your wallet inside out to be able to display 120Hz, but your game is only running at 50 fps is utterly useless. My advice: 120 Hz is nice as an added feature, but I personally find things as colour display, adjustable hight, etc more important features.
  11. Wow great giveaway! I'm really interested in what the fuss about mechanical keyboards is all about, so I'd love to be able to try one out! ^^ Might I be the lucky bastard, I'd prefer the Nighthawk X8 as I need to type a lot on daily basis aside from gaming (and the backlit colour matches the lighting of my mouse! ;)). Good luck to everyone! :biggrin:
  12. My camera bag just contains a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20 and the usb cable. Nothing impressive I know, but going for a SLR camera isn't an option for me due to the sheer size and weight (+price). This baby I can just tug away in my jacket when hiking or snowboarding and still take decent pictures with. When I settle down a bit and go traveling a lot, I will definetely invest in a SLR, but the TZ20 keeps me entertainted in the mean time! ;)