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  1. Seeing the Arch-Angels fight together gave me shivers! Great video. Did this occur before the Sin War? Was it before the creation of Sanctuary?
  2. But it's a dream build so why not 10TB of non-volatile RAM in RAID 2? Or if you think that is "unreasonable" then at the very least a number of SSDs rather than HDDs! Though I doubt he has 9TB of data to even fill that (and if he did then why not use a storage server, if he is running W7 then obviously he will run in to serious fragmentation problems pretty soon).
  3. Why does your dream build use HDDs and a Razer keyboard? :P
  4. I couldn't see anything on the Razer site saying that the stealth used browns, and I don't see anything on the OCN thread even mentioning the BWStealth. What I do see is the diagram CLEARLY using NMB Space Invaders. Are you telling me the switches in the diagram are Cherry MX? O_O This is why I am asking for clarification from someone who actually owns one.
  5. I recently discovered the Razer BlackWidow Stealth Edition and noticed something extremely strange. All of the diagrams of the switches used seem to show NMB Space Invader switches, not Cherry MX! Source: What are mechanical keyboards? | Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition | Razer™ | For Gamers. By Gamers.™ This is completely weird to me, although I can't see anywhere on the webiste saying they are using Cherry MX I always thought they are using them. What is even stranger is that the diagrams for the BlackWidow expert shows the use of NMB Space Invader switches too! I was 100% sure that BW used MX blues, but now considering the diagram I am not 100% sure (actually the Razer online store says they use MX Blues, however the store page for the Stealth just says "mechanical switches"). It'd be great if someone could confirm either way which kind of switches Razer is using!
  6. I can't even imagine what kind of effects a tetrahertz processor would have on the industry. That is just insane! I'm really loving that glass too!
  7. Hm, may aswell use this until it gets taken off by Apple, sounds fun! Though it is seriously not allowed according to Apple's guidlines. 1000 points = $1 Most apps give 10 points, and there are aren't that many free apps, I don't think you could get $1 from apps alone, not sure what the other stuff is because it did not load for me.
  8. Not that I know of, but I have seen a HHKBP bluetooth mod, so maybe you could make one for a filco tenkeyless?
  9. Wow what a frustrating site, whenever I hit space bar it alternates between paging up and paging down, i guess it isn't designed for 10.1" screens... My WPM on typeracer is around 100 on a full sized keyboard, so when I get back to my desktop I'll try there :P By the way typeracer is a very fun way to practice typing!
  10. You should definitely consider assigning macros to them then! Up/down/home/end are very useful :3
  11. You should consider using the "End" button on your keyboard ;D
  12. Evil is back, and it's cuter than ever! Preordered D3CE about a year ago :P
  13. CPU: Atom N570 (2 cores @ 1.66 GHz) RAM: 2gb HDD: 320gb GPU: Integrated Size: 10.1" OS: Bodhi Linux (based on ubuntu 10.4 IIRC) In terms of gaming this is probably the worst possible setup :P But I got it for <$280, and it runs mupen64plus pretty well, so no need to complain!
  14. I have a couple of questions for you! Is it possible to plug the wire straight in to the mouse the way that Razer wireless mouses work? There is no way I can use a wired mouse, especially one that needs to be changed every day or two. How easy is it to press the forward/back buttons, they look clumsily placed and very thin. How does this "scroll wheel for macros" work? It is a very interesting mouse but it looks like some parts are not well designed.