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  1. Statisticaly it would be easier to win the keyboard than say "megamillions". And most likely the only lottery I will win in this lifetime is the Cancer lotto. But, so they say you can't win if you don't play. Thanks for the entrant.
  2. Looks like an interesting list of parts. Any problems with the corsair ssd brackets? A friend last week or so mentioned seeing a kit that was short some screws. Probably just Jack that had a screw loose.
  3. That appears to have come off quite well, congratulations.
  4. Very nice. I liked the trip fan setup. I currently have a small desktop squirel cage fan blowing into the back of a stinkostoko compaq.
  5. Pretty primo looking antibox you built.
  6. I agree, that looks like a slick feature. It has been some time since I used other than whatever crappy onboard solution was available. How is Soundblaster with drivers these days? Since I made the leap of faith to win7/64 I have been hesitant to annoy it with less than stellar supported add ons.
  7. From what I have seen so far this looks like one that will not be obsolete in six months. But, then again you know Nvidia. The vapours of the 700 series have started to waft up the chimney.