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  1. When are they actually going to be on the market?
  2. Pics is up...Sorry shipping is included within the US out of the country buyer must pays shipping. Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]74[/ATTACH]
  3. Nice looking card might have to considered it for my next build.
  4. Nice review I'm looking on buying the R.A.T. 7
  5. yes will post some pics later on today.
  6. Selling a brand new (box still has plastic on it) Corsair H70 water cooler. Payment thru paypal Shipping is included in price Reference check me at Ebay under same name endy0430 Thanks Pm if interested
  7. Thanks Sam, I guess I'm buying a motherboard..lol
  8. I really like this board for my new Ivy Bridge build and want to buy it. My question is should I wait until the Ivy Bridge is release and wait to see how it performs on the board or is it safe to buy the board already? Any thoughts will be appreciated thank you....