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  1. I would strongly recommend that. I hope to get my hands on AMD's Zen soon and am eagerly awaiting confirmation on when they will send my sample. Please check our site in the coming weeks for more details, and we can help part out a full system for you then :)
  2. Ryzen CPU Models Leaked?

    I don't personally mind the naming convention I just doubt they'll be THAT many SKUs at launch. Again, unless these are only for OEMs and maybe 2 or 3 different models of each configuration is released. Just my $.02
  3. Budget AMD build/ suggestions

    Hi, I'm the CPU/Motherboards editor. After playing with the Wraith cooler for a while I think the Hyper 212 isn't really necessary. That 8 core should hold you pretty well for a while if you're doing web browsing and light gaming, (though the 8350 does keep up with the modern i5s when OC'd to around 4.5-4.8GHZ which that board and cooler should be able to get 4.4GHz) For Memory I've had some issues with MSI AMD boards and HyperX, could have just been unlucky but this Gskill Kit always runs really well in AMD builds for me. Its about 4 or 5 dollars more but unless you're set on white RAM I'd switch it over. For Storage the Tritons are okay. For super cheap drives they'll do the job, but for a few bucks more the Adata Premiere SP 550 is a pretty solid drive and it's what is on my system right now. For the video card that's a great pick and not much I can really say there, good for most games at 1080P high-ultra 60+FPS The case is another solid choice, our GPU editor recently got one with his AMD budget VR system and I've used it a few times in builds. PSU again is a good choice and like Sam said, if you need to save money you can always drop the PSU to a 500, but I usually don't recommend cheaping out on PSUs. Have a great day!
  4. Hi, although I appreciate his help, he doesn't seem to understand the chip that you have selected is a Octocore with 16 threads. I agree completely with your choice in CPU. I will highlight some of the changes here though. Motherboard: MSI Gaming 9 ACK (Features everything you would need and is a bit cheaper) RAM: Gskill Trident 3200MHZ CPU cooler: Deep Cool Captain 360 MM Radiator (If water cooling) Noctua NH-D15 (If Air Cooling) GPU: GTX 980 TI Golden Edition Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro (For the case the chaser is a fantastic case, though I'm not too sure how well it will fit that CPU cooler.)
  5. Need Help Building. First Time builder

    Is the 2k including monitors? I would recommend using a Intel X99 system, since they spec closely or better than most mac pros. If you could be a bit more specific in the applications you would be using that would also be benificial for us helping you out. Thanks - Alex Stevens CPU & Motherboard Reviewer
  6. CPU - Intel Core i7 5820K (About the same price and has 6 cores and 12 threads over 4 cores and 8 threads, this will be way better for most workstation use and is JUST as good as the Skylake CPU.) Motherboard - MSI SLI X99A (A little more expensive but a much better board to support the better processor, and allows up to 128GB of RAM if needed since this is a workstation) Memory is fantastic, you can pop another kit in there eventually if needbe to get 64GB. For GPU it seems you already have the MSI 980 if so awesome! The SSD and Storage drives are great picks as well. Case - While the Noctis is a great case, I personally love Phanteks cases and feel they are a bit better built and a bit nicer overall. I use the Enthoo Luxe, though if you wanted to save some money the Enthoo Pro is mostly the same mostly forgoing some LED lighting. Either case is fantastic for your needs though. Please give me any feedback or info on your uses and thanks for using our forums,.
  7. Advice on a cheap workstation

    Hi, if you are looking to use this as a work station, I would recommend a slightly better power supply, the Corsair Builder series is a bit iffy. I would recommend the EVGA 500B, I've used over a dozen of them and never had one die on me. They're better quality, last thing you need is a dead PSU. The Xenon is a good choice as well CPU, GPU and Mobo are all fine. I also like the Gskill memory. SSD is fine, and the HDD should be solid, though for a few dollars more the WD Blue is generally a better drive and will last longer. As for the case I've never used it before. If you like it then I say go for it, if you're unsure then we can discuss more.
  8. Yeah, I can see 64GB being useful. Also great system specs and what not. If you have anymore questions I'll be sure to reply a bit quicker lol. you may get some extra mileage out of getting a dual GPU set up, though you should get quite a lot of performance out of the system as it stands.
  9. Need Input on Budget GAMING Build

    Hi NBE, sorry for the delays. If you haven't built the rig yet, I'd pickup a 8320e and save a bit of money,(You can overclock that CPU to the same speed as the 8350 without much effort) that extra money can be put into a better motherboard like this one Gigabyte 970 Motherboard RAM, HDD, and GPU are fine. I'd go with a better power supply, (Logisys PSUs are some of the worst) And I'd recommend this case.
  10. Yes the Deluxe will be able to support 64GB, RAM support mostly comes down to the Motherboard itself. The Ballistix sport is a fantastic kit, as well as the Samsung 850 Pro SSD and the Caviar Black 4tb (I Currently use a 2TB as my games drive) As for Graphics, Dual GPU setups are likely not worth it, unless you are using the GPU horse power for say 3d rendering or video editing. What is the plans for this system? Sorry for the delayed response, I couldn't log into the forums for a few days lol.