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  1. This is me entering to get me a prize. Let the games begin!!
  2. It's Monday and like most of us, I'm sure he's got stuff to do so we'll just have to be patient. Speaking of which, I guess I'm due back at campus. Ffffuuuuuu.....
  3. Wow, that is a beautiful machine. I don't even do 3D rendering and I want your rig! o.O
  4. Odd coincidence, I played around with the warrior some more since that'll be my first character. Then, I tried the guardian and I easily see the appeal. Running around with a mace/shield had me giddy the whole time. Now we have to wait for another beta. I r sad! :(
  5. Taevious

    Hey guys

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. mMMMMmmMmmm...............................bacon! :D
  7. I tend to go with Frys, Micro Center, and Central Computers. Some things I'll buy from newegg like my bluetooth but not computer parts. I'm paranoid they're gonna get knocked around too much during delivery.
  8. If I was into art as heavily as I used to be, I might have considered it. At this point, no way. I don't think it's worth $150 for me either. I pre-purchased the standard edition.
  9. Balls.....further proof I'm hopelessly reliant on coffee!! -_- But yes, you should definitely play. Like Kenshun, I've had a lot of fun playing it and at the risk of sounding like a broken record...no monthly fee makes me unable to resist especially when the game is looking this awesome!
  10. Taevious


    Oddly, I love to play but I don't like to watch (yet). I know, it's weird! :P I'm with ya. I went to the driving range for a couple months and was about to attempt the real thing till I realized I couldn't afford to do it regularly. That kinda killed it for me! lol Mini-golf became my substitute when I feel the urge to swing a club...well, putter! :D