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  1. jason.cpcr

    Corsair 650d airflow

    Want to try some corsair fans?
  2. jason.cpcr

    Is my old intel i7 chip still good enough?

    Technically you can. Set the 220 as a physx card or just use it to drive a spare monitor
  3. jason.cpcr

    Audio Coverters

    I use MediaMonkey, Not sure if that will do what you nee but yeah.
  4. jason.cpcr

    *Official* Product Review Request Thread

    The Mod Mic would also make for a mighty review.
  5. jason.cpcr

    *Official* Product Review Request Thread

    Sounds like a powerful mouse. :D I'd love to see a review on that Mike And a bunch of those products seem very interesting. Hope you are lucky enough to reieve them.
  6. jason.cpcr

    MY OLD PC , (to sell or not to sell)

    Hey thats awesome that we are attracting portuguese people. E bom ter a nossa gente aqui :D
  7. jason.cpcr

    Euro Cup 2012

    Anyone following the Euro Cup 2012? I'm personally rooting for Portugal
  8. jason.cpcr

    Review Recommendation

    That would be fun to review except its not the kind of thing I can really do now. This would be for me Jason to review not Sam so I would have some limitations. Fun quirky things would be fun. If you can find some that'd be awesome. I thought the modmic would be good to review. Any other ideas. Feel free to link them to me
  9. jason.cpcr

    Official E3 2012 Play by Play Thread

    Did you get to speak with Athene. I wish you had and told him about our article on Sharecraft.
  10. jason.cpcr

    Review Recommendation

    What would you guys like to see reviewed under $50. It should be available on amazon though, and if I like it I will order it and review it for you.
  11. jason.cpcr

    Diablo III

    If you ever want to do some co-op hit me up! :D
  12. jason.cpcr

    Diablo III

    If anyone would like to play with me add me Delfinx#1667
  13. jason.cpcr

    Humble Indie Bundle V

    Hey Guys, In case you haven't heard of them, the humble bundle is going on it's fifth iteration and is now offering limbo, amnesia, superbrothers, and psychonauts for your desired price. You choose your price then choose where you want to money to go to (developers,charity,or the site). Also if you pay more than the average you get Bastion and all of the music for these games as well. Payment can be done through credit card or through paypal. http://www.humblebundle.com/
  14. jason.cpcr

    *Official* Product Review Request Thread

    Who knows what they might send out to review!
  15. jason.cpcr

    *Official* Product Review Request Thread

    Hey guys! Well if you have anything you'd like to see reviewed that is available on Amazon let me know. Are you interested in a review of the AntLion modmic? If so, whenever I purchase that I will do my review. If you'd like to contribute just donate to support the forums and this would also remove ads. :D