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  1. Nice! Well I am not planning on doing 3D gaming just 2D, it is just the $299 price tag for a 120Hz monitor=good price maybe. 27" panels are just too big for my taste but if I were to get one at that size I would rather have at least a 1440 resolution not 1080. Thanks guys!
  2. I am looking at the Dell U2312HM e-IPS 6-bit monitor and a Samsung S23A700D 120Hz 3D monitor. The dell cost $232 on eBay and the sammie cost $299 on newegg. Both are 23" I just build my first gaming are my specs so far: corsair 550d asus maximus v gene z77 intel i5 3570k corsair 8gb ram corsair tx650m psu samsung 830 series 256gb ssd cm storm quickfire rapid For graphics card it is either the gtx 670 or wait till 660 releases. And games I will be playing currently are bf3 and diablo I am missing a monitor and gfx so as of now I really can't decide which one to choose, any help?
  3. AMD's cpus realy can't stand a chance on beating intel's performance even with more cores. With their 8-core cpu bulldozer just launched, the i5 4-core beats it on must of the test.
  4. How much are you guys paying for it? @1.5 mb/s I'm being charged $30/month if bundled
  6. nighthawk x8, mx brown. Still In transit! My next one would probably be the CM quickfire rapid (tenkeyless) But a kmac with red alert keycaps would be a dream
  7. FdNMO-zm1ls 8NnVU8R6mAU The 2012 samsung mobile unpacked is getting closer, could it be the next galaxy S III? Leaked Specifications: Android OS-Ice Cream Sandwich 4.6-inch display at 720 x 1184 resolution (320 DPI estimate) 1.4 GHz quad-core processor 2,050mAh battery 1GB of RAM 8 megapixel camera 16GB storage plus microSD capability Super AMOLED Plus?