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  1. Favorite games of all time.... *No Order 1. Counter-Strike:Source 2. Starcraft II 3. Diablo 2 4. Morrowind 5. GTA IV 6. TF2 7. Need for Speed:Most Wanted 8. Tony Hawk 1, 2, & Underground II 9. Zelda Majora's Mask 10. Silent Hill 1, 2, & 3
  2. New FPS game by the name of Black Light Retribution has hit Steam. Come play with me and my friend FLo via Steam/Skype. Steam: dAznMutha Skype: Kleptophilia BLR: xKonquest Also debating on creating a clan for BLR. Let me know if you guys are interested. It would be a multigame clan that revolves around: Dota 2 BLR Planetside 2 Guild Wars 2 and more. Just need to see how many people at interested.
  3. Lul. I work at a gamestop. Used xbox 360 games usually sell between $1-$30 depending on the game. $30 for the newly released $60 titles. So I would go ahead and say if you can find a way to sell them besides gamestop, do it.
  4. Man I loved DX:HR. Play it on the hardest difficulty and not using lethal weapons. Man that game was awesome. <33
  5. I really should make my friend flo record some tf2. He's amazinh. I'm garbage, I haven't played enough to be good.
  6. This is just a small glimpse on what I been up to and what I plan on doing for the next couple months. My computer broke down and just recently I acquired my brand new Asus N53S laptop. I'm loving it so far. But anyways in regards to CPCR, I should be pumping out more gaming news articles. With the Q3/4 approaching it is the necessary time in order to build up hype as to what is to comes, indie or not. Personally~ I setup a YT channel in order to provide video gaming news in order for you guys to get some glimpses of gameplay footage. Cause who doesn't love gameplay footage? Ammirite? I would love to see how many of you guys are willing to support me and what content that you guys all specifically want to see. So post in this thread anything you are looking forward to. Side Note: Planetside 2 is closely approaching. Me and my friends might quite possibly set up a clan. If you guys are interested we should try to get this ball rolling. Nothing will be more epic then the group of us storming a strong hold. Contact: email- [email protected] yt- xKonquest - YouTube skype- kleptophilia
  7. Just got a new laptop to replace my broken piece of [email protected]# and also picked up diablo 3 :DD So that's what's been going on. xP Hit lvl 55 after 4 days? Not too bad. Just grinding my way to 60~~ ~~Demon Hunter BTW
  8. Tekken 6 T.T Bout to play: Dragon's Dogma & Ghost Recon I NEED TO GET MY NEW LAPTOP To play DIABLO. T.T
  9. PSN: xKonquest First off, Sorry for the unannounced departure guys. Really unprofessional on my part. Computer broke and I am now going to school and work full time. However.... Because my computer broke and I am now limited on my computer usage. I got a PS3. Add me on PSN. I am also purchasing Ghost Recon & Dragon's Dogma. *So expect reviews/first impressions in the coming days. *Might even get around to recording some gameplay and providing review/lp vids. Add me if you want to lobby it up in Ghost Recon, IDK how many people are actually planning on playing it, BUT IT LOOKS AWESOME. At your service, xTC
  10. Lul this is a weird question. I use both. Fraps for games and Camtasia for screen recording and the rendering. You could also look into Bandicam. It works almost exactly like fraps does.
  11. Welcome to the forums! Let me know if I can make this visit more enjoyable in any way.
  12. That game is pretty old. There's quite a bit of servers that you can join but it does get boring after a while cause all it is is mindless slaughtering of zombies. But the gun play is one of the best I ever played. So it's a toss up. Go watch some gameplay reviews on YT. I would make a review for it but I don't think it's worth doing since it is so dated. You might also want to wait for it to go on sale before picking it up.
  13. I know all you guys might want to setup events/servers/groups/etc from people from CPCR... Cause we are awesome. So I decided to make it an easier way. Just fill out the application below and I'll update the thread as I see fit. If there's enough interest I'll try to make it happen...Such as, getting 10 people willing to pay $5 a month. All the change I'll go ahead and cover. Date&Time(Timezone): Contact Email: Petition Description: Estimation Cost: Example Form: Date&Time(Timezone): [email protected]:24pm(pst) Contact Email: [email protected] Petition Description: For people to get ideas so that we can organize fun events. Estimation Cost: FREE :D That's basically it. Of course all of the necessary information such as, time of the event, place of the event, form of communication, etc. Add me on skype for a more vocal discussion of your event ideas. Skype: Kleptophilia
  14. Rules: 1. No spam of any description. -Please refrain from double-posting and random adverts. No link redirects and crap like that. Our job here is not to help you make money. Go away. The world will be a better place. 2. Proper Grammar. -I understand that some people may not be native language speakers. But stuff like "I LiKe GaMezzz N00Bz". No. 3. Don't Necro. -Meaning: If you see that the thread is dead/inactive for a long period. (...Say 2-4 weeks) Don't post a comment. Noone cares anymore. TBCH. 4. Search? -If you have a problem...Try searching for the solution before posting a thread...Cause chances are someone had that problem as well. Don't take the lazy way out. 5. Pr0n is fun... -But this is not the place. Please keep things nice and clean. 6. F$%K THE ADMINZ -You can.. But, you'll get banned. So please. Respect the "Adminz". 7. "blah blah *cry* blah blah blah" -This best summarizes a 'whine-thread'. No go away. Go cry to mommy. 8. Stay on -BANANA. -Or rather...Topic. This would be fine if we were Custom ADD Review. But we are not. Keep threads on topic. Or they will be closed. 9. Section? What the- -Post your threads in the right section. As much as I would love to dedicate my time to moving your threads...I rather not. 10. Worship and Obey the might SAM of CPCR. -He is our God and our Leader. 4chan has m00t, we have Sam. Therefore, we win.