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  1. Another giveaway so soon? Thanks man :D And good luck everyone!
  2. I just thought I'd wish everyone good luck! Hope I win or someone else in more need than I gets it :D
  3. Woah nice! I have a VERY similar system to that (Only a few minor differences) It serves me pretty well... Although I've been trying to push the CPU to 4.2Ghz, turns out it's quite hard to do :L
  4. Personally I don't pay any attention to "Leaks" Because most of the time I get excited only to find out they are false :/
  5. Agreed, Bulldozer Cpus had so much potential.... Until they actually released.
  6. Did you have any luck selling it? I have one just laying around collecting dust...
  7. Mine as it is now[ATTACH=CONFIG]31[/ATTACH]
  8. If he can afford the 256Gb Crucial M4 that's great! another option is to get the 60Gb or 120Gb versions just for a boot drive, then get a shitty Hd for storage ^^
  9. Mine is a Amd 1100t @ 4Ghz. The voltage is 1.4V i'm pretty sure
  10. I can't wait for this game! I'll be preordering as soon as I have the chance!
  11. Keyboard giveaway Oooooh, I've been meaning to get a new keyboard for some time now, my G15 is great and all, but it's missing some keys don't work and this keyboard is just what I need! :D Keep up with the great Reviews!