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  1. It is a 15" Blue led Sound activated cathode, it is the $7.99 one on Newegg
  2. Updated check the imgur album on the front page, I am not sure how to delete the 5 pics below so if you could help me out Sam I would appreciate it!
  3. No sir the kit came with all the screws included!
  4. Thinkin about picking up a 2000 vengeance headset, those things look sleek :)
  5. sounds like a good build! But yeah I would definitely go with the 25" HP Monitor and a NH-D14 Air Cooling Fan, or an H80 for basic water cooling
  6. Hey thanks for the positive feedback guys! I appreciate it! I will post a bunch of pics of my build once i do all the upgrades to it (1-2 weeks most likely) I can post pics of my current build (w/ the 6950 etc.) but the wiring on the haf 922 is awful. I can't seem to really wire the cables that well tbh. But I will post pics 2morrow if you want! Thanks for the feedback again!
  7. Yeah the 460 is starting to become an aged card, I would reccomend something that will give you a lot performance, as you said you play all your games on max anyways. I would go with AMD's or Nvidia's new flagship GPU's. That being the 7970 or 680. The 680 will give you better performance at stock speeds but when both cards are overclocked they will perform similarly.
  8. Hey guys, I built my first Gaming Pc back in July and now that I am making some upgrades to it I thought I would share it! i7 [email protected] Ghz Intel P67 "Extreme Mobo" 1 Tb Seagate Barracuda 750gb Seagate Barracuda 120gb Corsair Force Series SSD 6950 Sapphire Flex Edition (Upgrading to 680 as soon as they're available again;) ) 16 gigs of G. Skill Sniper RAM Haf 922 (Upgrading to CM Storm Trooper Case) Hyper 212 (Upgrading to H100) Samsung Blu Ray Drive Lite-On DVD R/W Nzxt Fan Controller Corsair TX750w PSU 27" Samsung 1920x1080p Monitor Some bad Logitech $40 Speakers :p Post your opinions below! PICS!:http://imgur.com/a/3MgtZ
  9. Hey Sam, love your work! I would like to enter for this keyboard giveaway! Thanks!