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  1. NEW DEALS This War of Mine: 5 keys Pro Evolution Soccer 2015: 10 keys Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: 12 keys The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth:4.5 keys NS2: Combat: 3.5 keys Depth: 4 keys || 4-pack: 14 keys HOT DEALS Verdun: 1.5 keys Castle Crashers: 2 keys PAYDAY 2: 3 keys Celebrat10n TrackMania Complete Pack: 4 keys Minimum: 1.5 keys Civilization V: 2 keys The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: 3 keys Payday 2: 3 Keys FULL PRICELIST CLICK HERE. +300 GAMES I will give you the game as a steam game gift (you can add it to your game library, give it to a friend or store it in your inventory). I will never ask you to go first. The trade will be performed in the interactive steam trade window. I accept Tour of Duty ticket or cs:go capsule key as 0,5 Keys. Btw, if you don't have it, you can give me 2 TF2 keys and I will put a Tour of Duty ticket in my trade window. You will not see the game in my inventory, as I store it in a secondary account for security reasons. Check my steamrep profile below to check my steam account sanity. Feel free to add me as friend for fast trade. steamrep: Add me for fast trade-> Cheers!.