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  1. Hey guys, i am currently working on a rebuild for this so stay tuned =)
  2. Here is the final progress on the build, thank you for following this every step of the way, thank you to our sponsors for helping us out, it is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for another up and coming build.
  3. Hey everyone, the MSI gaming cabinet is finally complete. Sorry it took a while, there were a few issues going on at home which caused the delay. I'm glad to be back into it and i plan on sharing some more close up photos, night shots and shots of this beast powered on. I will also release a final video for you guys. Now for some pictures, i hope you all enjoy, i have a few more cable combs on their way to make those cables look even neater. and of course we need a picture of the Photographer/girlfriend with the cabinet =) Thank you for all the support guys, i hope you enjoyed this project as much as i did. A huge thank you to my sponsors and please stick around for them close up shots, night shots and the final video for the build =)
  4. Hey everyone, I am back from a nice holiday and I have installed most of my components into the cabinet. Instead of me talking how about I just show you some images =) Thank you everyone for the kind support, i hope to have the build filled with liquid in the next update.
  5. hey my friend, When everything goes to plan then I dont find anything difficult, just time consuming =)
  6. Hey everyone, as promised here is the second progress video update for the PC cabinet. The third one will be out shortly and it looks amazing so please check them out. Thank you
  7. Hey everyone, I finally got around to painting the cabinet a nice matte black colour. My MSI dragon has also been stuck onto the side of the cabinet and it looks great. All that is left to do is: 1. Install components 2. Drill two 13mm holes for my tubing to route through up to the top shelf 3. Screw in my radiator mounts and PSU mount 4. Attach custom 5.25' box to cabinet and make plexi window for res cover 5. Bend the acrylic tubing 6. Connect wires 7. Fill the loop/leak test 8. Overclock 9. GET SOME GAMING HAPPENING Here is where the cabinet is at. I have installed my water blocks kindly supplied by EK Water Blocks. As a few of you may know, my desk PC was painted in my dads spray booth at work. This time It was painted in our garage with the air spray gun. The paint job turned out amazing. Here is the prep work: The images below were taken with my phone son I apologise for the bad quality. These were taken just after the paint work was finished. The paint finally dried and i was able to install the MSI dragon. I Glued the metal and the red acrylic dragon together then glued the dragon to the side of the cabinet. Here is how the paint work and dragon turned out, It looks amazing: This is the cabinet up to date. Next update i hope to have all of the components installed and hopefully some of the acrylic tubing installed. Thank you for showing some interest in the build and let me know what you think =)
  8. Hey everyone, sorry it has been a while since I last posted. We finally received our last package in the mail so we have made some nice progress. This should be my last update before we paint the build so please enjoy. In the photo below I have roughly drawn my msi dragon in place so that I could make sure my led lights fit nicely behind it. The 3 cut outs will each hold a pulsating red bitspower RAM mod LED. I still need to sand them back. Below is a fluorescent red acrylic cut out of the msi dragon. The one on the right is snapped and is just going to be used as a test fitter. This dragon will sit over the holes we cut out and the LED lights will illuminate it when they pulse. What I have done below is cut out the msi dragon from some 3mm thick sheet metal. This metal dragon is slightly smaller than the red acrylic dragon. The metal will sit on top of the acrylic so that only the edges are pulsating a nice red colour. The dragon will be painted black. We also have some custom msi fan grills which have been created from 3mm sheet metal, I am very happy with the final result. These grills will be painted black. These fan grills however do not fill the whole gap in the shelve where the radiators sit so I have created a quick boarder to fill in the gap. So back to the cabinet. On the top of the cabinet you can see I have created another casing. This will house another reservoir on the top of the desk. I will be placing a clear piece of acrylic as a window over it. Because it is the highest point of the loop it would also make a nice place to place a fill port. A few weeks back I shared with you my idea of creating the raised platform to route my cables under for neat cable management. Here is what it looks like. And as you can see, I have cut some slots in all of my metal sheeting for all of the cables to route through. We should have some pretty neat cable management =) Hopefully by this time next week we will have the cabinet painted and then i can start putting components inside and get some acrylic tubes into the build. 1 thing I will still need to do is drill some holes through the top and shelves of the cabinet so that I can route my tubing through. I will also have another cabinet progress video released very soon but for now you can watch the first progress video to get up to speed with the build. Thanks
  9. My PC desk is all complete and i have put together a play list of all of the videos so please check it out to see progress and finished results. Some time in the near future the desk will be upgraded to an x99 build.
  10. This is my first PC cabinet progress video, everything up to date. Please check it out. My cam recorder died half way through so i had to use my phone but please ignore that and enjoy =)
  11. Hey everyone, this week I have made quite some progress. More cut outs have been done and I have also created a fan controller and switch holder. Here are the progress images. This week I had to complete some of the more finer cut outs. I decided to go out and purchase a dremel as I recommend any modder should have. It makes life so much easier. I also spent some time cutting out some acrylic pieces which would sit under my HDD's and SSD's to create a nice red glow around the edges. The acrylic still needs to be wet sanded. I received my air brush kit in the mail this week and I am debating whether or not I should use it with the build, more updates on that in the future. With the build I plan on using the bitfenix spectre pro PWM LED fans for show and on the inside of the cabinet I am putting some Noctua PWM on the radiators. This is due to the fact that bitfenix fans are terrible radiator fans and I hate the look of the Noctua fans. Because there are a few PWM fans I would like to control their speeds with fan controllers for near silent operation. I have created a small fan controller box out of MDF which will also hold my power/reset switches and my LED light switches. Below you can see each cut out I made to create the box holder, these were cut out with a jigsaw. Test fitting the fan controllers and switches on the face plate of the box. I have limited access to tools so I use what ever is laying around to get the job done. Two pieces of wood will hold it together while the glue drys. While it was drying it was time to move onto the cabinet. This box will be holding the fan controllers and switches so I needed to create a cut out in the top of the cabinet to allow for wires and fan cables to route through. Next step of the build was to create a door at the back of the cabinet so that I had access to cables just in case one came loose or I needed to configure something. The MDF also provides some stability support for the cabinet in general. The new backing is 3mm MDF and I have routed it in 3mm so it is flush with the edges. With the dremel I cut out a square door. I attached some hinges and a latch to make sure it stays closed. My last update for the week was to create a slot in the back of the cabinet on the second level so that cables from the power supply could route down from the second level, down in between the door I made and the sheet metal. Thank you for following my build. Updates are usually done weekly. Please leave a comment and let me know what you like or what you think I could do to improve the build. Thank you everyone for your support.
  12. Hey everyone, today was time to disassemble the cabinet parts that we don't need and begin modding. In the picture above, I have removed the glass door. On the left of the cabinet you can see that there is also a wooden part to the door. I do not want this there because it will eventually be blocking our awesome components. So my plan is to make a new glass door for the build. For the glass door above I am debating whether i should remove the current glass from the wooden part and replace it with a longer piece to cover the full frontage of the cabinet, or whether to ditch that door all together and go full glass (which I am leaning towards). This is not a major issue at the moment and can wait until a future date. In order for my components to fit perfectly, I had to drill another hole for the shelving to sit on. The power supply was around 1cm to big. As you can see above, the cabinet had a wall and some black rails in the main section. The wall has been removed to make room for the components to fit. With all of the prep work complete, it was time to start some cut outs. This was done by drilling a hole in each corner of the cut out and using a jigsaw. As you can see it still needs sanding, but you get the idea. The motherboard will sit in this position. (See below) The motherboard tray fits perfectly. The inside of the main section of the cabinet will be lined in a diamond plated sheet metal. The metal is currently very shiny but I plan to paint the whole thing a matte black which will reduce any glare/reflection which some may find distracting. I love the feel and texture of the diamond plated sheets and I believe it will tie in very nicely to this build. Below I have measured up the dimensions of the cabinet and I plan on using a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade to complete the cutting process. (I am limited with tools). And this is the result below. I still need to file down the edges of the metal but you get the idea. Test fitting the motherboard tray. Thank you for following my build, progress should be up within a few days. Please leave a comment below =)
  13. Hey guys, you have now seen some ideas that I have with the cabinet build so now I would love to start from the beginning and show you some progress I have made. Please feel free to leave suggestions, I always love to take on-board what the community thinks. Please enjoy. As always I would love to highlight the build before I modify it, I try to show everyone the different views of the cabinet to show you guys what I am trying to achieve. As you can see below it is just an ordinary run down display cabinet. I hope the community can see the potential in this build from viewing every angle to gain a perspective of what I am trying to achieve.