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  1. Great! Thanks for all the help guys! I was going to go with the stock fan and heat sink, but since it was mentioned that it may not come with one, or that it will be insufficient, I will go ahead and purchase the cooler master hyper 212 EVO. :)
  2. Looking to buy all the parts from the most recently posted build...Best Mid-Range Gaming PC build under $1000... http://www.custompcreview.com/computer-builds/best-mid-range-gaming-pc-build-under-1000-february-2014/19917/ Wanted to run dual monitors...the Dell E-Series mentioned as well. I have a couple of questions that I was wondering if someone could answer: 1. Do I need to purchase the sound blaster card or does the MB include on-board audio capabilities (audio out ports)? 2. Do I need to purchase arctic thermal paste? 3. Does the CPU come with a fan? Or do I need to purchase? 4. Is there anything else I should be purchasing that wasn't mentioned? (cables, fans, etc) This is my first computer build and I'm not sure what needs to be purchased. Any help you provide will be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to building my own PC!!!