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  1. As the title says, is it possible to transfer files from a remotely controlled PC to the PC you're using to control it through Chrome Remote Desktop? I use Chrome Remote Desktop to remote into a few different PCs and it's really difficult to transfer a document or something while remotely connected.
  2. Recently ordered a bunch of parts for a friend's new build and chose the 3 day shipping option which is going to be UPS. I know FedEx will sometimes deliver on Saturday. Anyone know does UPS deliver on Saturday?
  3. Nvidia released GeForce 385.12 BETA Drivers for the Titan Xp. Download them here: Desktop Driver 32-bit: Desktop Driver 64-bit: Notebook Driver 32-bit: Notebook Driver 64-bit:
  4. I'm not good enough to record all that much but I just use Shadowplay. Already comes with GeForce Experience so it's already there. I believe AMD has a utility as well. Otherwise, I think MSI Afterburner has the capability too. Might as well use it if you have it.
  5. So here's an easy question. Has anybody tried Aliexpress? I was about to buy some USB C cables and it's insanely cheap on there. Like dollar cheap plus free shipping. USB Cable 1 USB Cable 2 Is this a scam? How the hell do they make money on a dollar USB cable shipped?
  6. Finally don't have to deal with those crappy flash filled video websites!
  7. Back up for me as well. Strange...
  8. Has anybody updated to the new Skype mobile app? Geezus. Skype used to be bad, but it was usable. This is quite possibly the worst thing Skype has ever done aside from sell to M$hit. 100 thumbs down.
  9. I just updated the Steam app and I'm trouble connecting to Steam. Anybody else having issues? Is Steam down right now?
  10. Hmmmm.... sounds like you might have a dead PSU or maybe a dead motherboard. Probably a dead PSU. Is there any way you can get your hands on a spare unit or one for testing?
  11. I was poking around my C drive earlier and saw this folder, Windows10Upgrade. Anyone knows if it's safe to delete this? It's only eating up like 20MB, but I like to have a clean system. :)
  12. Seagate Barracuda. Bought tons of those for my gaming systens and friends. No problems. Good performance.