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  1. Sweet!!! Might have some $$$ is my birthday coming up...I want the Girlfriend to buy it for me!
  2. SWEET!!! Nice OC pics thanks for do you take screen shots like that???
  3. Well, actually the last couple of days I have just been researching average read and write speeds...I haven't got to check it out yet personally, but will benchmark asap when all set up. From what I have seen so far the speeds (in my opinion) are pretty impressive considering my situation...I already have an OS on my 500gb Seagate Barracuda and got the 60gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD as a gift...grabbing a z/77 board this month and should complete my build by my birthday next month. If I would have sold my whole system w/OS and all awhile back, I would just pick up an SSD for boot/Games ...but, I like what I see with it so far. Thnx for asking! Scott
  4. Thanks for the input, I also found out more after doing some YouTube research lol. You'll have to "enable" the (XHD) option, and set the SATA control mode to "XHD" save and reboot. use the SRT application and enable the various settings and walah'
  5. I have seen a few videos of how to set up SRT. Have not had a chance yet to use it myself. I have an existing OS on a 500GB Seagate Barracuda and want to cache my 60GB OCZ Agility 3 SSD using SRT. I saw on a few videos, In most they have real world scenario (like my issue) and they start from a HDD with a previously installed OS, install a SSD, and power up. Through the application software for SRT, they select through the various options enabling SRT. (pretty simple instructions I guess) Do you have to do anything in BIOS before using SRT? Do you have to enable AHCI mode like when installing an OS on a SSD? Do you have to do anything with RAID setup in BIOS? If someone can help me clear this up that would be great, as I have an OS on a HDD already and received a 60Gb SSD as a gift. Getting a z/77 board really soon and will use SRT. Have a good Day
  6. Id go with a z68/z77 motherboard so you can utilize intels smart response technology w/ur SSD...prob wait for Ivy Bridge since prices will be around the same...ur power supply should be fine w/single gpu...get a sata 3 drive...Kepler 660ti will be out soon also...consider waiting a bit on some of your build for a month or so
  7. Nice set up going...I have a similar build going on...I have listened to most people about waiting on cpu/gpu. Kepler is still being released and Ivy Bridge is weeks much of this build have you purchased?? (although video editing, u may want to do different) A thought for ya...if your building the build now and well, you are probably waiting for Ivy Bridge..your will most likely be getting (or I would suggest) Z68/Z77 chipset for you motherboard...they both come with Intel's Smart Response can use up to 60gb of your SSD to cache w/hhd to increase performance(basically a raid volume)..from reviews I have been seeing around it seems to work really well. If you have a larger than 60gb ssd you can allocate however much or the ie. 120 gb and use the rest for storage. I'm not sure but I think z77 might allow more than 60gb now. Might save you some $$ to go w/your $1500 budget..gettting a hdd w/less cache will save you $$...why have 64mb cache when u can have 6gb/ssd cache im mid progress in my build just waiting on the next 6 series of kepler and Ivy...but I did save a lil $$ going this route...I already had a WD 2TB laying around already so I purchased a 500gb barracuda w/16mb cache for $98. a OCZ agility 3 60gb ssd(on sale) for $80w/mail in rebate..(newegg) it was a steal of a deal on sale for a day or so..but u can find many like it..Ill put my OS on the 500gband cache it w/my ssd..use my 2tb for storage. well, I'm not the best/smartest person out there and am learning as I go. so if I am wrong about some things I apologize ahead of time. If there are any questions or suggestions feel free to ask...have a good one..good luck on your build
  8. These keyboards are very cool. I think the red lighting of the X-9 looks smooth. Just thinking of customized lighting if I win gives makes my hair stand up. lol Good luck to you all!!