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  1. Hi there I am looking to build a minimal system for as little money as possible and would like some advice from you knowledgable people. I am not looking for a general purpose computer or gaming rig. I am building an interactive art exhibit, so my requirements are far below what most people need. The system I want to build will have a single function. It will boot directly into an interactive application and do absolutely nothing else. Think of a machine solely dedicated to running a (not particularly graphics or cpu intensive) screensaver. I have been looking into minimal linux distributions, such as puppy, damn small and crunchbang. So, here are a few tentative specs: RAM: 512Mb CPU: 1GHz single core HD: n/a (boot directly from usb memory stick) GFX card: 64Mb VRAM, shader model 2.0 SOUND: Basic NETWORK: n/a 4 USB 2.0 ports I'm looking for something like 10 year old technology at today's prices. I'm really just trying to refine my specs, get ideas for components, and get an estimate for costs. Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice. Cheers