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  1. great, yea that makes total sense, I have 2 ssd drives, the 500 gb as the os drive and a 250 as a scratch drive. then the 4tb and the 3 tb for the data and such. thanks for clearing that up.
  2. ok, just wanted to make sure I had the proper setup . all my drives are over 2 tb except for the Samsung ssd that is 500 gb. when I first set this up it was UEFI all over the place, I didn't really like it , but that is what it was. now I am back to a more familiar set up. but I want to make sure it is the fastest set up. thanks
  3. ok so the new cpu showed up and I reinstalled windows. everything works ok, but I noticed the ssd drive no longer has the UEFI over it. is that ok? windows 7/64
  4. well yes and no, i just revived the new cpu Saturday. so i figure i will replace that, the asus tech i finally got to explained to me that the ram was not compatible. and that's why it was only showing up as 1333, so he recommended a corsair 1866 ram that was compatible with my board. i installed it and still have the same issues. the xmp will only register it as 1333. so i was able to get Intel to send me a replacement chip. so now everything will be new. and i am going to do a clean install of windows 7. so we will see.
  5. ok so i have been up and running since Friday. so far so good, pretty disappointed in asus, the new board i was sent FROM THE SERVICE CENTER has a bios from 2011 installed on it. they have had over 8 updates since this bios. when i tried to update it, it was so old i had to use a old way rather than the new ez flash. then the tech on the phone said not to update any more unless i was having problems. i see lots of new fixes and compatibility changes, so should i update it? everything seems to be working and i am not getting the power errors any more. i am getting a error in pinnical about scrips running.
  6. na sam, I just figured since I just received my new replacement motherboard. #5 I figured I would set things in order. they said it might be the ram so I got some 1600 to replace the 1866 . it is in and I am still having the errors so I will swap out the board in the morning. and see how it does. just figured id install the cards in proper order if it mattered. if the ne board does not have the errors I may put the 1866 ram back in and return the 1600 then ill reinstall the raid controller and move on. if this board has errors ill get a different MOB and say im done with ASUS .
  7. so my p9x79 ws motherboard has multiple pci slots and I was wondering what ones would be best for my cards. obviously the top one for my evga graphics card but I have a raid controller, a tv tuner, a wifi card and a usb 3 card. the slots vary 4 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (dual x16 or x16/x8/x8 or quad x8, black+blue) 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x4 mode, white) thanks
  8. ok so the latest is, after fighting it out with Asus, they are sending me a new board, I replaced the ram that had stopped working with the replacement ram. I talked to Intel and they said to run a burn in test and recommending me replace the 1866 ram with 1600 ram, so I ordered a set of 4 vengeance 1600 ddr3 ram. so I will see how it works out.
  9. yea thanks it has been a fun time. I also am a Asus person, g73, vx7 and a desk top but this motherboard has been a pain. really thinking about just calling the board a los and starting over. the fact that the case I have says it does not support the p9x79-ws has always made me wonder but it does fit and seems to be fine. all of the mount points are lined up but the board is just a bit bigger. or could the chip be bad? just not sure. as far as the warning go. they are from the asus suite I think. and I do have lock ups but only when I am editing big video. and when I say big I mean 40 gb or bigger. the fact that one of my ram chips is bad does not help. thanks for the input
  10. ok, so I talked to asus today, looks like they think this board has a bad sensor, oh boy going on board number 5 . this is getting pretty crazy. I wonder if the cpu could be bad?
  11. So , the new PSU arrived and I installed it. Still getting the low voltage warnings from time to time. Now what?
  12. yea, is been quite the journey, the hard drive problem was my own fault, the corsair hx1050 used proprietary adapters for the connections. meaning they wire them differently than other psu's go figure, you would think that the Molex connectors would be wired in the same configuration. they are wired so that the 5v and the 12v are reversed, so since I got a tester psu from best buy to check out if the psu was ok, when I was putting everything back together I accidently used one of the wrong adapters it was for the sata drives of course and it sent 12v to the 5v side of all of my drives popping the diode and zero ohm resisters. this is a safety they put in the Seagate drives just for that reason and it worked, the wd black drive was not so lucky, it also fried the ic chip. so I ordered replacement diodes and resisters from dig-I-key, 10 bucks shipped to me. I have fixed the 4 tb drive and did a temp fix on the 4 3tb drives in my raid array to recover the data. I just need to solder the diodes back in them and the resisters, they are a pain, at .087 they are pretty small. as for the voltages I do get the errors from time to time and hd monitors shows ok, pinnacle did lock up one time and right after I got the error. I have been pretty cautious of the power now checking everything with my digital volt meter now. I just cant believe that the modular connectors are not wired to an industry standard other than color coding red for 5 orange for 3 and yellow for 12. it was a lesson learned and I can share the links and info I used to fix the drives if needed. by reversing the 12 and 5 it did not affect the MOB as it was contained to just the HDDs but this was because of the many errors I have been having, so we will see.
  13. so Sam just an update. I installed the new motherboard works fine btw, I fixed the issue with the kraken I posted the other day. and I was actually able to fix the blown hard drives. replaced the zero ohm resisters and the diodes, all except the wd black. that one is toast. anyway I still get power errors coming up on the screen that I have low 12, or 3 or 5 or core voltages but the system is working. I finally was able to get corsair to replace the psu and it should be here by Friday. hopefully that will solve the issue. any thoughts? is this just a weird error. I hope after the new psu it goes away or could the cpu or this new board be faulty. the p9x79-ws even has an extra 4 pin power in for the sli set up so I even plugged the psu into that for extra power, it says it is not needed unless you run multiple gpus , but I figured it could not hurt, but the errors are still showing up.