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  1. aww yea gotta love sam for putting these out there! Count me in the draw!
  2. the nighthawk looks like its built like a tank!
  3. Nice review, hows the ergonomics for such a small mouse?
  4. is there any DPI adjustability?
  5. V-Moda Crossfade LP Mostly dub step, mainstream stuff
  6. great pics and very comprehensive! do you ever find that the in ear earphones make your ears feel really plugged up?
  7. I have a macbook pro 13inch and was wondering if it is possible to actually over clock the integrated graphics too haha
  8. Been in the market for a cherry MX red board and this just popped up! You guys at Custom PC Review are awesome, keep up the good work! Btw do you guys know what kind of keycaps the Max Keyboard has? ABS or PBT?