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  1. I contacted codeks and strutz via pm to see if they got in on the July 4th deal. I never heard an answer from either, so I assume they aren't interested any longer.
  2. Yep, we're still waiting on enough participants.
  3. Unfortunately for me, I had planned on getting a Full Custom board. I'll have to wait even longer since they are excluded from the sale and our group buy is dissolving. What a bummer.
  4. New Thread Thanks for the info, Adam. If we are not likely to hear from Sam soon, I guess we should do our own thing for this round. I started a thread over in Buy/Sell/Trade since there was at least one other Max Keyboard group thread there. The link is here . Please head over and post your interest! I don't know if others are watching this forum as closely as I have been, but hopefully we can get 10 pretty quick.
  5. Hello all! Since sam.cpcr has been so hard to get a hold of lately, I thought I could organize another Max Keyboards group buy to accommodate the activity I've seen in the end of Thread #16. I'm assuming most of you know the deal, but if we get 10 or more people to agree to a group buy, we each get our own 20% off coupon. That is, we get the group buy benefits without necessarily paying together and purchasing all 10 boards at the same time. See the other thread above for full details. Sam has put together all the info you could need regarding this kind of event. I'm definitely in for one. Any others? I'll imitate Sam as best I can and update the OP with participants as we go along. Thanks, -- Karl EDIT: There are plenty of other opportunities to get a discount on a Max Keyboard and this kind of thread just isn't working out. I guess I'll have to go for the facebook coupon to get my full custom, since they are typically excluded from every other deal. This thread is going nowhere and I won't be updating this group buy anymore. For those who find this in the future, check out Massdrop. You may be able to vote for a group buy to start, or even join an existing group if you're lucky.
  6. I sent them a message on facebook to get some info on how these typically work. Basically, we start a new thread and get 10 people to say "I do." Then, email the thread link to [email protected] and get 20% off coupon codes in return. Everybody gets their own code to apply to customizations, accessories, and of course the keyboards. The event organizer is the one who receives all 10 codes and has to distribute them. So there's much less to lose than if we sent our money to a stranger on the internet :P The problem for me is that I just signed up here to get in on a group buy. I can't make threads in this section of the forum or I'd have a new thread up by now... EDIT: If anyone else is too impatient to wait for the admin, maybe the solution is to start our own thread in the Buy/Sell/Trade section?
  7. I'm totally on board for another group buy. I'll be holding off on my purchase until then! :)