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  1. damn, was about to post a new thread about the 20% off and freebies today. looks like sam beat me to it.:D
  2. yeah, does anyone know if there're anyone playing BC2 on the PC? i might be planning to get it :D
  3. @fuller2002 grats on winning man! also, please please do a thorough review when you recieve your KB!
  4. batman arkham city, l.a noire, Fahrenheit, metro 2033 and alittle occasional bf3. and probably Killing floor if it goes on sale again. cant seem to complete a single game lol
  5. am i the only one that thinks the graphics don't really look that bad.. :/ also, i'm praying that they don't decide to recycle the game engines again.. i already made a huge mistake by buying MW3..
  6. Or you could buy your own parts and probably pay your neighbourhood techie guy to piece it up for you.(Which is what i did, LOL)
  7. I've read up on different forums that dxtory would be a good alternative for fraps. Doesn't cost you any(from what i read) frame lost whilst recording.
  8. :/ i've no idea about the z-axis shifting or whatsoever.. but apart from that, i think the mouse is gooood
  9. Agreed. To ensure that the mouse base doesn't wear out that quick, just invest in a 15$ mousepad. I'm using the Razer Goliathus along with my RAT 7 and it's working perfectlyyy and not to mention it looks greattttt