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  1. Guys instead of waiting for more people, just jump on the July 4th 20% and it also has accessories. Max keyboard Nighthawk X7, X8, X9, G1NL Backlit Programmable Mechanical Keyboard It's better without the wait!
  2. It's the same thing, lol but awesome extras! I'm copying you :)
  3. Yes, I would totally set this up, but I do not know how. Like how would I get all the payments or input the shipping addresses? Like would you guys have to trust me and send me the money and I pay for it? I do not know. Hopefully Sam will respond and help, but unfortunately he seems to miss our posts and my PMs.
  4. Don't know if this is the correct area, but how can I get 9 other people that are interested in helping me take advantage of the 20% group buy thing? :( I don't have any friends interested.
  5. Maybe since there are still people interested, we can get #17 going :)